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    I’m guessing that you did a Cut & Paste from a word processing program. Anyway, all those codes rendered your text virtually unreadable so I trimmed it out. I’m also guessing that when it didn’t show up right away, you repeated the command. Anyway, working in the text box for the forum eliminates a lot of issues.
    October 23, 2022 3:08 AM

    Good Mornifn or Good evening depending. My name is Lacey. Today I am Elle. I have been absent from here and have lost a lot since we last spoke. Todays plea is one for us all. Is there anyone that knows of rEspurcEs for battered transgender spouses. ? Or, is there anywhere to go? Safe space. Where she can’t get to you ? Maybe Fort Collins Colorado. I’m a grown person. I thought we were in line. Now I’m less than her, vulnerable and abused. I can’t find resources and circumstances force me to live without any resources. She had them. I have to get out. Maybe if I scream loud enough this will end. But I need to leave. There is more. This is too much. Any resource or kind word is appreciated. I have been transgendered since my birth I believe. I have been raped. Beaten. I have been thrown out of my parents house as a child. Forced to live in isolation then. I watched as my caregiver was raped. A gun to my head and she was raped. I was held down and raped later, in service. This was because of my desire to feel valid about who I am. I am not promiscuous. I’m a little guy. I’m sorry I couldn’t pay full price. All my funds have been stripped by her. And here I sit. A pts mst vet, wearing. Her chinos and dreamin of freedom. I don’t have the strength to leave. I don’t believe my mind is strong enough to leave. She is a threat. She has swung at me. She is yelling constanty. Constantly triggering. So i need something to intervene. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. She is become more fixated on the taking us both out. She is not good. I am hitting send. If for nothing else it’s out there.  There is so much I can’t tell you. This has all come to a head recently.  I have been trying to get health.  Living as assigned for her.  Daily.  I left the greatest therapist who is fully transitioned to come back to Arkansas.  Slowly the transgender and non-binary was squeezed from me. She is now embarrassed. I left because of the abuse and she followed me.  She has depleted every resource. Threatens me daily.  I know if I kea e she will follow me and would hurt me.  How do I prove this ? That is the problem.  I have a lot on my side but I have fi make a break where she will not find me or follow me. Any information or asssistance is appreciated     She knows I have all these ailments and here I am. I’m okay. I’m safe for the moment.  But she is. Ok’ing back tomorrow.  I have reached out to family.  Hidden cost of late life revelations is that all your support, if they be support, are gone. Any ideas suggestions are appreciated.  I’m gonna lay down for. Bit and rest. This roller coaster is calmin down.
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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Glad you found us!

      I see that you are about 30 miles from the Fayetteville area. I suspect that it could be helpful if you got connected to whatever support services are available for transgender people. Also, during the pandemic many LGBT centers and other organizations started doing support groups and social groups online. Many have continued with that practice as it lessened the impact of time and transportation for people that might want to attend.

      Also, many members here have found that working with a therapist has been helpful. However, it is important to find a therapist who has experience in gender issues as not every person has this skill set and experience.

      It would be helpful for other members if you completed your Profile page. It gives them a more complete sense of what’s going on for you.You can update your Profile page at any time if something changes for you.

      You may also search for other members who may be near you by clicking on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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