At what time did you consider yourself Transitioned ?

How long did It take you to go from Transitioning to Transitioned??

A simple poll to determine the length of our journeys.

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  • My Transition will never be complete regardless of time.


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    A lot of us on H.R.T wonder when the day will come when we have finished Transitioning and consider our journey to correct our gender done.

    The endgame for many differs whether surgery for example is some thing you desire or not, There are many different paths to achieve harmony within.

    This is a poll to give a timeline for those coming through what many have already done and to further understand what it means to go from Transitioning to Transitioned.

    Please feel free to add in the comments why you have polled your time (In years), It will give great insight to those that aspire to transition like yourselves.

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     M Chloe Harris 


    It stops. But it never ends.

    Then it inevitably *starts again*! I was in early 20’s when I first tried HRT . . . and I am now 63!

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     Carla Roberts 


    I would say I transitioned emotionally maybe twenty years ago, but I did not even think of physically transitioning until over twelve years ago. I was still employed full-time at a job that would not allow it, and I was too close to retirement, to screw things up, for a couple of years of wait. I went for counseling, got on hormones, while still employed and then retired. Once I retired, I was near full-time in my presentation, in preparation for shifting to being full-time, and completing transition, only to discover surgery was out of the question medically and financially. I continued to live and present in the way I always hoped to, and eventually, in the last 6 – 10 years, just settled in as my authentic self, that everyone knows as a woman. I don’t really think much, or concern myself about the question anymore, and I haven’t had to answer that question in at least five years. I guess it comes down to each of us deciding individually, what transition is for us, and how it is complete and satisfactory, according to our own terms.


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     Tiffany Alexis 


    I’ll have to let y’all know in a few years how long it took, as I’m just starting mine…..

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     CC Webb 
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    I think life is transition.  It’s always in motion until it isn’t.  We just happen to have this one special  journey in our lives that is quite unique from what most of the world goes through.  But, I’m sure this question is just about that part of our lives journeys.  I can’t predict how long it will take to complete the goals I have set.  There certainly is a lot of intersection with other areas of our lives like live, employment, financial, education and health to name a few all of which will effect a timeline.  So i’m like the others so far in my thinking that the major goals will stop.  But dealing with being this new branch that had to be grafted back into a life interrupted will always have things I need to contend with.  How is that any different than a diabetic or having fair skin or balding?  I guess it’s just different in how to deal our unique yet collective trait, acceptance in the human community and most importantly self acceptance.

    Yeah I really hate being balding.

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     Tessa Cee 


    It stops. But it never ends.

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       Stephanie Kennedy 


      The girl in my head has been trying to transition for as long as I can remember. I did not understand. I would not allow her out never mind begin transitioning . I was afraid of her and ashamed she even existed. I have fought her for sixty years. We have come to a compromise. I will finally agree she does and has existed but not publicly . So I will say it only in this forum . She has agreed to take it slow. The question for me does this mark the time for beginning our transition? I think it does. I like the feeling.The battle is over. I would hope it will never be over. We have so much to learn just to be accepted. Once we believe we are accepted, We want to begin helping others. I would never want anyone to have to deal with this issue for as long as I have. So much time wasted with a mistake. No one’s fault.   Luv Stephanie ❣️


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      I yearn for the day when I can divest myself of a reminder of a previous life that resides between my legs.

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