Atlanta Gender Explorations (AGE) is now Transgender Heaven?

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      Hello again everyone…This is Sheila again…I recently posted seeking help and advice about the possibility of trying to find a compatible roommate here in the Atlanta area with my girlfriend Gayle and received a few helpful ideas. (Thanks again.) But I was wondering about a specific group called Atlanta Gender Explorations (AGE) as I used to be a member many years ago when I first came out and went to meetings with them…When I searched for AGE it brought me to this site (Transgender Heaven) so I assumed it was the same group with a new name?…My question was does this group still hold regular meetings here in the Atlanta area and if so, who do I contact about this as we are very interested in joining so we can get out to meet people, make new friends, and possibly begin to make some connections to solve this housing problem we are dealing with among other things…Also does anyone know of any other specific group here in the Atlanta area that has regular meetings?…Thanks again in advance for any helpful tips, advice or information…Hugs Sheila and Gayle.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      I believe it comes up because it was entered as a supportive organization under Places; same for CDH. However, it doesn’t appear to be active.

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      If there is such a meeting in Atalanta, you’ll be lucky. Ten or so years ago we had one in St Petersburg, FL. It dissolved, and I am completely disconnected from the community.

      I have aligned myself with accepting, understanding non trans people, and it has gone well.

      You may want to try, or They can both be good resources. Good luck!

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        DeeAnn Hopings


        I was involved with a couple of crossdresser/transgender groups in the Corning-Elmira of New York State for the year before I retired and relocated. What I heard was that over the previous several years 3 or 4 groups had come and gone. I didn’t know what the issues were, but that there was enough to temporarily kill the interest. Then, miraculously, another group rises from the ashes. What that says to me is that there was a basic need and desire, but folks hadn’t hit upon quite how to address it.

        I suspect that there may have been enough time since the previous group in your area sank that it may be a good time to check again. Let us know how it turns out!

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        Michelle Lawson

        Natalie, we have 21 transgender friendly & supportive places listed in Local Places. One is the Metro LGBTQ Welcome Center, another is Metro Wellness and Community Centers, and Transgender Support Group (FTM) Trans Action Florida, and Transgender Network Tampa. Please let us know if we can help you locate others. Hugs, Michelle

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      Michelle Lawson

      Sheila, yes, as DeeAnn mentioned, they are listed in our Local Places directory, as are many more places around the globe. The link we have is to their Facebook page. So, if you have a Facebook account, you should be able to contact the. Here is a link to their listing here at TGH:

      Hugs, Michelle

      PS, and if you find other transgender supportive or friendly places near you, please let us know and we can make sure they get listed.

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Unfortunately there is nothing left on Facebook, so that’s what suggested to me that it is likely inactive. Sometimes when a site or F/B page goes dark, there is a message about a hiatus, but in this case there is nothing. Makes me wonder if there is even an intent to come back. You just never know. Also, the person listed appears to have removed the material referenced. Odd too that they are listed as being from South Africa and have not logged in for 3 years. I’m guessing this deal crashed and burned.

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      This coming August Atlanta will hose a new TG conference called Atlanta Comfort.Β  I have no idea if it is affiliated with AGE.Β  You can Google it.


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