Beautiful music, does it make you cry, does it make you dance? It does for me.

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      This afternoon I had a wonderful time with my sister, we met at a local brew pub a short walk from where I live. They know me there and sometimes they’ll automatically bring me my favorite beer.
      We were talking about our past, digging back into our memories, and we started remembering favorite songs from long ago. When I returned home I went online and looked up a bunch of them, and the tears started flowing like rivers – so much for my mascara! I also love to dance while listening to music, music seems to have a firm grip on my very emotional and feminine soul.
      So please share with me, does music make you cry? Does it make you dance?

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      Oh Lauren, you nailed it.  When my hormone levels were higher I could dew up easily and had to keep a tissue close by.  Now as I’ve become an old lady it takes a little more to turn the faucet on.  Usually tunes going back to the late 60’s and early 70’s will work quickly to either bring a tear to my eye (dead comrades) or get me out on the dance floor (great parties).  I find it both strange and wonderful that sounds could have such a permanent imprint on me and evoke long forgotten memories.  Incidentally, it’s not just music because certain sounds will do it too.  Personally, I just like to concentrate on the happy party sounds but sometimes get blindsided when I least expect it.  I have a juke box filled with 45’s  featuring 60’s and 70’s hits and if I’m getting blue I just play my happy sounds and have a cold beer.  Then all the world seems better.  So,  I guess that I’m afflicted too.  Thanks for this nostalgic post.  Marg

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      When I was but a child, about 6 years old, I had this experience with an old tape from my deceased uncle. The music was from a movie and it was a little girl singing. It was otherworldly and very sweet. Never heard it again, but cried all night long by hearing it over and over again. That was me, alone in my parents bedroom, on Christmas…

      Ever since my relationship with music has always been of feelings before anything else. I cry listening to Debbie Harry sometimes, Nina Simone, video game music from squaresoft, many movie themes, Sayonara Solitaire always, Royksopp (what else is there), even Garbage… there’s just too many songs to remember right now, but when I feel blue I play those just to cry and vent alone. It feels mostly good… Should have written this listening to one.

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      certain songs have caused me to actually break down crying. some of these are “catch” by the cure, “candy says” by velvet underground, “ooh child” by  the five stairsteps,  and, believe it or not, “georgie girl” by the seekers… these had a really powerful affect on me and i was like a hardened punk rocker too! … i repressed so much emotion and something of these particular songs struck me a little too deep.

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        Dawn J

        For some reason, “Georgy Girl” always reminds me of when my interest in being a woman first started.

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      Jupiter by Holst is probably one of the most moving pieces ever written. But the Neptune movement when performed with the choral pierces is so hauntingly beautiful as well.

      It’s amazing that any human could write things like this.

      I had a similar feeling when visiting Notre Dame Cathedral and just spent hours taking it all in. I’d have to add in the spirit of this thread’s question about emotions that seeing the news of it burning was probably one of the most upsetting times of my life.

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        Elli Snow

        I love Holst’s planets and own several different versions. My favorite was done by Vangelis, one of the most amazing composers and performers I’ve ever encountered.

        However, the one piece of classical music that can always bring out the tears is Dvorak’s 9th symphony, “From The New World” that was recorded by the NBC Orchestra in 1953 and conducted by Arturo Toscanini. This was the second recording they did. The first was in 1938, also with Toscanini conducting, and it can’t hold a candle to the second version.

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        Lauren Mugnaia

        YES!! That definitely started the floodgates of released tears! Thank you Mylie 🙂

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      beauty is in the ears of the listener – even without hrt i have always been an emotional ole sot.

      What music brings me to tears may not be understood by most but its of no mater – if I am moved who’s to judge?

      granted when I chose to suck it up n put on the big girl panties and start HRT – I can only imagine what my emotions will do

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      There are some songs that I hear and even just a second into them I well up. Once the song hits halfway I’m in full on waterfalls of tears and all sorts of feelings. I’m emotional and concepts and ideas especially expressed by movies or music make me cry usually for positive things but sad ones too. 50/50

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      I have always had a weak spot when it comes to music and very moving or emotional situations. And yes I will be the first to cry like a water fall. A box of tissues is not going to be enough, lol. I might as well get a towel. And getting on Estradiol,I guess only made it worse for me.

      Shiloh Rose 🌹

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      there is certain song’s that make me cry, i can not write them all down but it’s the ones that have meanings of a loved one. one song in mind is go climb that mountain. ripples by Phil Collins. Riley green i wish grandpa never died. but you get the hint on songs that make you cry

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      My reply would be “Sometimes”.

      There are some classical pieces that cause a personal reaction. Scheherazade and Pavane For A Dead Princess are 2 that come to mind that always bring me close to tears, if not completely…

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      Liz K

      Sure. There’s music that had special meaning when I was going thru tough times….U2’s Achtung Baby, Death Cab For Cutie’s Narrow Stairs, Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream, anything by Chris Cornell or Mark Lanegan. I could go on. The recent passing of 2 legendary guitarists, Jeff Beck and Tom Verlaine, got the tears flowing. Truth, Blow By Blow, Wired, and Marquee Moon have been on heavy rotation.


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      Music has always been therapy for me. I’ve played drums for 34 years. I was in band all through school. I’ve continued to play socially and a few performances. I also love to sing and play guitar. My son is a brilliant pianist that is completely self taught and plays in school band. My daughter can play violin, French horn and recently learned trombone for jazz band. We used to perform together on stage when we used to attend church. Their mother and I were in band together.
      Music has always been able to change my mood depending on the type of song. Some make me cry every time. My first concert was Whitney Houston and it sparked something in me. “I will always love you” always brings the tears. Dave Matthews Band “Crash into me” and “41”. Sometimes we’ve been bottling things up inside and it’s a release for me.

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        My biggest triggers are Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan,  Alice Cooper,  Robin Trower, Smokie Robinson, and Isaac Hayes.

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      I cry at the drop of a pin anymore. Movies, nostalgia,  music shows on tv of all that happened in the sixties and seventies. I was at Woodstock in 69, and just watched it on tv the other day, cried two or three times. Wife always catches me and laughed positively.

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      Cry, no.  Dance..well if you call jumping around like an idiot dancing, then I guess yes.  I’m more into punk rock and heavy metal so the emotions run on the other end of the scale more in music.  But, my god, any sappy emotional scene in a movie or tv will send me to tears in a second.

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      Toni Floria

      I’ve just heard the song “Victorias Secret “ by Jax. It makes me smile

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      I have had twice now when I took a arm load of clothes to try on at Torrid when I was doing a little dance with the music they had playing.  I soooo much wanted to sing along with a couple of the songs that were playing but singing my voice tends to be sounding more on the male side so I had to settle for my happy dancing.


      .  Cassie

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      The tears are always close in my world. I can’t think about a past pet without having them flowing. As far as music goes, I enjoy the full spectrum and will quickly skip ahead on certain ones that may trigger an emotional response. Movies? Forget it, I’m toast. Hugs Katie

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      I have very eclectic taste in music. Most music get my toes tapping and I’m ready to dance. Some tunes remind me of past loved ones and I can;t stop the tears from flowing. I also cry at others’ misfortunes. I guess I’m just a hormone softy.

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      Elli Snow

      Oh, my, yes, to all of the above. I started training as a classical musician when I was 8, moved to more modern music when I reached my teens. There are a large number of songs that can cause my eyes to leak, some because they’re just so beautiful, others because of the memories they bring up. I also dance whenever I get the chance. I’m not very good at it, but I’m very enthusiastic, and if the band is really good I can go into a zone and dance for hours and feel nothing but the music. I have damaged hips, knees, shoulders and spinal cord damage in two different places, and when I get into that zone all the pain disappears, and stays gone for a while. Wish so much I could find some people where I am today so I could go dancing again on a regular basis.

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      Elli Snow

      I would be remiss if I failed to mention the performance of Barber’s Adagio for Strings, performed by the BBC Orchestra 4 days after the attack on the World Trade Center. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this much pain and sadness in a performance before, and it’s probably the most amazing version I’ve ever heard.

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