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      Have you ever watched the show Ancient Aliens? If you haven’t its a show that discusses how different artifacts from the past are due to aliens visiting us way back when. If you have seen it then your familiar with the crazy haired guy who points to Aliens for pretty much everything. If you haven’t its on the history channel here . I get a kick out of that show and some things they talk about does make you go hmm Aliens, maybe.. most is just ya ok whatever. Its entertaining for the most part, plus it combines two things I like ancient history and the possibility of whats out there in the universe. Yes in case you are wondering I do believe that there is intelligent life out there. Our galaxy let alone the Universe is just much to big to think that our little pebble is the only place that there is life.

      With that being said your probably all like ok great but uhm what the heck does a show on tv about aliens have to do with this forum topic? Well whenever I see that show or that guy it always brings me back to when I was a kid. I can remember very clearly coming up with this whole scenario in my head. It was what I used to explain to myself at least, why I was in this body and why it felt so wrong. Wait for it… Because Aliens. Yes thats right Aliens lol, young little me was an Alien experiment to see how I would react to being in this body. So now whenever I see that show or hear about it my smile has just a little bit more meaning. Bringing me back to my past and the possibilities of whats out there.

      Just thought Id share a little bit

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      Hi Nikki……I will get this note done….6th attempt…..chatters coming in.  I know we have been visited. As a male I felt totally alien in my body. As a girls….everything is cool. It would be foolish to think that we are the only life form in the universe. Can they not see all the non-human life forms around them? Beam me up Scotty!

      Dame Veronica

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      Well, if you can see all of the stars at night and think life on this planet makes us unique then you missed out when they were distributing brains. So do I think extraterrestrials have been here? There sure are quite a few mysteries not solved yet. The designs which can be seen only from a high orbit is one mystery that I think ancient man could not have aligned these designs with this precision. So Aliens? He’ll yeah girl! Until it is proved that we are the only intelligent life in this universe I’m gonna go with the odds.
      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Love ❤ Danielle💋👠</p>

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      I don’t find this strange at all. I used to tell myself something similar. It all felt so very wrong, like I was cheated. A massive joke that I wasn’t in on and everybody else knew. Only downside is that the truth is probably scarier- Its no joke and they were not pretending.

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      I firmly believe that there is more than we may ever know and open to the idea that we are not alone. Because how sad if we are.  As a kid, I thought and dreamt of other worlds.  Course, I had Patrick McNee’s voice over from Battlestar Galactica, the” life here began out there” bit.  Have read a few books on the subject,

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      I have watched the program U mentioned and long B-4 that I believed in more intelligent life. I’m going 2 join, get a Silver membership and would love to converse with you on the Alien matter.

      As for FEELING alien? I felt that way since 6 or 7 girl. although my story is different being born Inter-sexual I know Ur feeling, as do others. To make matters worse 4 me, I stuttered horror ably. a double whammy but we made it and now have all these awesome girlz to talk to for friendship and support. Life is finally good Nikki..

      Huggz   Tracee

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