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    Sophie Korten

    A little info about me

    In January 2016 at a time when I really need some support and from others that understood my situation, I came across Crossdresser Heaven. It really was the right place, right time for me. I made new friends across the world and discovered compassion, love, care and support. I was invited to become an Ambassador and a part of the team that runs the site – I was and am still honoured by that. My life has moved forward at quite a pace since that day but after a year or so I had to step away for a while to keep my life together. I have moved house and to another region here in France where I am only know as Sophie. I still live alone with two cats and am currently working the summer season.My family know about my lifestyle and are supportive with only one cousin sitting on the fence right now, but that’s fine

    I am eternaly grateful for what I found at CDH and have also put a little back into the pot in terms of support, but my working lifestyle restricts the time I can devote to the two sites.  However, as I regard myself as a woman and all being well on the road to srs, I have to say that I identify with TGH more so now. I do not have issues with any variations of gender, simply that I personally can related to others more like myself. Some of why perhaps I have been invited to be a part of TGH. Again I find myself honoured to be invited. I hope that my personal experiences etc., altough in France, may be of help and assist others on their own journey.

    Life is too short so enjoy it while you can

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     Cynthia S 


    Sophie-thank you for sharing your story and for being my friend!


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     Cloe (CC) Webb 


    Bonjour Mademoiselle Sophie :kiss: :kiss:

    Jan 2016 is when I came out to my wife, bit I focused on her still instead of myself.  It took another 8 months before I started to really explore, but without help.  Then in May 2017 I found this Google site called Crossdresser Heaven.  I wondered at the name, but then realized there was a full blown site to  go with it.  The rest as they say is history.

    I’ve been blessed to share in a small part of your journey and enjoy your blog.  Know it or not, you have been an inspiration to me to enjoy the journey in a graceful and heart felt way.


    Love ya sis!


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       Sophie Korten 


      Cloe, I am very touched by your words. To be honest, my blog is a form of personal therapy that helps me review everything from my childhood to present day. If anyone can find a little piece of it that may help, I would be extremely happy that it did. As for being an inspiration to you and others – I find it difficult to comprehend as I am simply being myself. However if that works then I really cannot complain and hope my example is one worthy of following.

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