Breast enlargement.

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    Sarah Baines

    Why choose implants over natural growth? Which would you choose and why?

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      Implants I will not get . What the hormones won’t do there are other methods to increase your bust size .

      Thai breast massage works wonders which I do now and in a month gain a cup size and I just started Japanese breast slapping massage as well , I want my girls back quickly !

      Woman in Japan have recored that they go from cup size B to an E using this method so it is worth a shot , only thing lost is my time .


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      Emily Alt

      I would try to develop my breasts as much as possible with hormones.  If that didn’t give me the results I’m looking for I’d get implants.

      A couple of years ago I tried Pueraria Mirifica and Reishi mushroom (T blocker) for a few months.  I got modest results – maybe an AA cup.  It was fat redistribution though.  No actual breast tissue.  But I did feel some tingling and tenderness around my nipples.  So I suspect PM would have done more if I stuck with it.

      Supplements such as PM and Reishi are hit or miss.  Many girls don’t get any results from taking them.  They also can have significant health implications.  Being under the care of a doctor is essential for your safety and well being.  Unfortunately, most docs don’t want to deal with them.  That’s understandable since supplements are totally unregulated in most countries.  For those reasons, I’ve ruled them out.

      Hormones are probably 1-2 years away because of my situation.  D/DD forms look proportional on my body.  If I lose a bunch of weight (I need to), a C cup might be better.  At my age, I doubt hormones can achieve that.  So I’ll probably be looking for implants down the road.


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      Hello, gals, I would have to have natural breasts as I want to be able to nurse a baby. I understand that it is possible to nurse but it takes time & effort, but I have a strong desire to do that. I have a B-cup with firm nipples, so I am on the right track. Waynelle

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      I think I’m okay with my breast size and seeing what happens when I begin HRT. I’m only 37 and have had the nickname “A-Cup” since forever. I worked out a lot to develop that part of my body and now can relax envisioning the muscle-to-fat conversion most of my fitness friends eternally fear lol.


      I’m also young enough I think to need to wait and see what happens. The women in my family tend to be quite well endowed. I’d hate to get implants and then discover they aren’t needed and in fact now need to be removed.

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      Cheryl T

      At my age, were I to pursue breast enlargement, it would have to be with implants. I don’t believe that hormone therapy would produce any significant results at this stage in my life and I’m also at a point where I would not want to wait the period of time it might take.

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        Hi, i know what you mean. I was taking HRT for two years.  I started using a breast pump and a breast massager before lockdown which was about nine months ago and since then i’ve grown about a size AA or A; i’ve got about another year to try it and see how it goes.  I’m 51.

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      I tried some supplements as well as hormones for ten years and has some results but didn’t get me to where I wanted. Try first to grow some natural breast tissue, find a highly accredited plastic surgeon ( not just someone who does “boob jobs” or that base their practice on being TS friendly). Having some natural breast tissue will make it easier for a qualified plastic surgeon to help make more natural looking and soft, bouncy breasts.

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      Sarah , Hi , i choose to use a plant based breast development . I have had really nice results , i would say right at a B cup , and started at flat chested , been on this treatment for about a year , so it took a while , but it worked . I really like my breasts , i don’t have to wear falsies . I would never do implants , it scares me , they can leak , cause more serious problems , no thanks . If i stay small breasted the rest of my life , i am ok with it . Oh the stuff i use is Pueraria Mirifica , and Ovarian Glandular , i purchase at Wal Mart , fairly in expensive . Just thought i would chime in , food for thought . Leslie

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        Does also soy, feenucreek, flaxseed work fir breastgrowth?

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          Hi Mona , tried Fenugreek tea , it was ok , i guess , didn’t notice ant tingle as with PM . PM seems to be the best so far , still taking it with Ovarian Glandular . You must stick with the rec. , doses , too much and you are just wasting it , the body just flushes it out such as tinkling or other , if you get my drift . Some said too much gave them breast pain , that would scare me . Hope i have helped . Leslie

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        Do you not use an electric breast pump or massager to help them grow?

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      For my choice it’s natural, mainly because, I’ve seen too many that just look like they were put on without any concept of what breast are supposed to look like, no woman I know has nipples pointing at the ceiling

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      I would definitely wait to see what kind of development I could get naturally before considering implants.  There are risks associated with any type of surgery.

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