Breast forms

What is you go to breast form?

Do you prefer do it yourself forms, silicone forms, medical grade forms, foam forms, or breast augmebtation surgery

  • Natural groth42.86%3 votes
  • Silicone Forms42.86%3 votes
  • Do It Yourself Forms14.29%1 vote
  • Foam Forms0%0 votes
  • Breast Augmentation0%0 votes

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    Samantha Mann

    Currently my forms are balloons filled with water. These are my go-to forms and I wear them every time. To me they give me that ” natural bounce” that women have. I am seeking advice on which forms or other do-it-yourself methods that I can try so that I do not have to take these forms out or off my chest. I’m looking for something that I can sleep in and where every day and all night long and even bathe in them.

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     Skyler Anne 


    While I do enjoy the bounce and feel of my forms, I prefer natural. I know I’m time I’ll have some modest growth from HRT and I may eventually have breast augmentation done. For now, I just want to feel myself. My bras are very well padded to enhance the little figure I have and that’s good enough for me now.

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     Danielle Fox 


    Hi Samantha,
    One word = Aphrodite breastforms.

    They are in the neighborhood of $500 but you can sleep in them, swim in them, go bra-less in them and they do not have the silicone film or covering encasing them. This is why you can sleep in them, solid silicone which looks and feels like real breasts. Jiggle and bounce rather nicely too. I had a similar pair of breastforms 7 years ago and loved them. Check them out. Love ❤️
    Danielle 💋👠

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    While I’m loving my natural growth, I still augment with silicone.I get the kind tha are concave so they g over my breast.  But lately thats not even working as I suspected.  I needed to go down a size as I was spilling over my C cup bra’s.  I found some summer gel pads that were perforated so everything can breath and what a difference in sweat.  I even found a set with foam pads too so I could build up to fill the cup.  Can wit to ditch the foam then eventually the gel.  😀

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 

    Hi Samantha!  Your water-balloons sounds interesting but what happens if they burst? If you study female ambulation (walking) most have a hip rocking effect….left-right, left-right. This causes a bit of bouncing from all forms. Indicative of wearing a bra, which is the idea. Too much bouncing with give the impressions of bralessness. (New word invented by me). Sweetie…what ever you wear….have fun and enjoy…….I too love the bounce effect.

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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       Samantha Mann 


      I’ve never thought about what to do if they burst. I’ve been looking for forms that I can wear evert day and all night even sleeping in them and bathing. I’ve been advised that they make forms that are adhesive amd I wouldn’t need a breast plate. With my balloons, I fill them with water and then stick them in the bra I’m wearing amd go on about the day. I feel that if i can find a pair that I can glue to my chest then I wouldn’t have to take them off every time.

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