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      Currently my forms are balloons filled with water. These are my go-to forms and I wear them every time. To me they give me that ” natural bounce” that women have. I am seeking advice on which forms or other do-it-yourself methods that I can try so that I do not have to take these forms out or off my chest. I’m looking for something that I can sleep in and where every day and all night long and even bathe in them.

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      Hi Samantha!  Your water-balloons sounds interesting but what happens if they burst? If you study female ambulation (walking) most have a hip rocking effect….left-right, left-right. This causes a bit of bouncing from all forms. Indicative of wearing a bra, which is the idea. Too much bouncing with give the impressions of bralessness. (New word invented by me). Sweetie…what ever you wear….have fun and enjoy…….I too love the bounce effect.

      Dame Veronica

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        I’ve never thought about what to do if they burst. I’ve been looking for forms that I can wear evert day and all night even sleeping in them and bathing. I’ve been advised that they make forms that are adhesive amd I wouldn’t need a breast plate. With my balloons, I fill them with water and then stick them in the bra I’m wearing amd go on about the day. I feel that if i can find a pair that I can glue to my chest then I wouldn’t have to take them off every time.

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      While I’m loving my natural growth, I still augment with silicone.I get the kind tha are concave so they g over my breast.  But lately thats not even working as I suspected.  I needed to go down a size as I was spilling over my C cup bra’s.  I found some summer gel pads that were perforated so everything can breath and what a difference in sweat.  I even found a set with foam pads too so I could build up to fill the cup.  Can wit to ditch the foam then eventually the gel.  😀

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        I use silicone forms I have a selection from B cup to DD depending on the outfit, I also have some that are like a bra but only seem to come in two sizes med and large, med is about a b-c cup large is a c-d cup.
        I prefer the singles from “forever young” on Ebay. these are inexpensive comfortable and now as I get older and my muscle tone is diminishing I can choose a good bra and create a cleavage. I am fortunate/unfortunate to be slim and as a male athletic in my prime but now losing the six pack and peck’s I can get the look I so want. these are around £50 or under.
        It’s the wigs that cost soooo much lol. Rachel x

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      Hi Samantha,
      One word = Aphrodite breastforms.

      They are in the neighborhood of $500 but you can sleep in them, swim in them, go bra-less in them and they do not have the silicone film or covering encasing them. This is why you can sleep in them, solid silicone which looks and feels like real breasts. Jiggle and bounce rather nicely too. I had a similar pair of breastforms 7 years ago and loved them. Check them out. Love ❤️
      Danielle 💋👠

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      While I do enjoy the bounce and feel of my forms, I prefer natural. I know I’m time I’ll have some modest growth from HRT and I may eventually have breast augmentation done. For now, I just want to feel myself. My bras are very well padded to enhance the little figure I have and that’s good enough for me now.

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      Samantha i have tried the water filled balloons and the tend to burst for me i do agree you get a natural bounce with them . but breast forms seem to be a safer way .  any diy better solutions would be awesome

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      The ballon thing can leave you wet. 🙂  I did birdseed in nylons method long ago for a few years, not as natural a fell but shaped nice.  But I heard a double ballon and rubber fishing worms can work too, only problem might be getting a good shape.  Honestly for all the fuss of DIY ones today you can get a serviceable set for under $50 and maybe even cheeper depending.




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        What are some forms that are under $50 that are nice amd appear natural?

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          Hello, Samantha I was/an on a break. But look around amazon has a few as well as alliexpress, even glamor boutique has some inexpensive sets. The question is what style size etc will look realistic. For topless or exposed you wont find a under $50 set. However if under a top the teardrop work best if they do not show out the sides, or a triangle if a bit less material is used. Size is up to what looks good on you. If too small or big they wont suit your frame, if too stand up you you will look like Madonna with the cones. Also if you want to expose some cleavage you will need to practice a bit with tape or what not to get the desired effect. (Watch youtube for ideas on how to.) If your funds allow it buy a fee sets and experiment or find one of the transformation studios and see if they will let you try on some different sets/sizes. Or make a few friends at a support group and give each other makeovers and play dress up.


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          Amazon. They are inexpensive, have good weight, concave backs. I sleep in them every night in a bra and never had one break yet. No, not supposed to sleep in them.  My good forms do not have nips. I onc3 liked forms with nips but now prefer no nips. Women don’t show nips in public generally. When was the last time you saw a woman out and about with her nips showing? I find tear drop forms fit better than triangle but I have both. I have various sizes for different looks, ie, swim suits, sweaters, low cut tops, shelf bra camisoles, etc. if a form eventually tears, you can use tuck tape to repair it and just keep that pair for around the house or bedtime.

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      Whilst I would love to grow my own breasts that’s just not a viable option.  I prefer silicone ones as I like the weight and feel of them.  When they are stuck on my chest they feel as close to the real thing as I can currently get.  It’s lovely to feel the movement if I don’t have a bra on.

      I’ve ordered and am awaiting delivery of a new pair which are larger than I have ever had before…but not too big.  I think they will give me a more womanly silhouette without looking like a caricature.  Got to say, I can’t wait for them to arrive! 🙂

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      I have used rice rather than bird seed in a stocking which provided good weight though without the natural bounce and allowed me to fill a C cup bra very nicely. C seems to be the proper size for my frame.

      Also I do have rather substantial male breast tissue. Because I wanted as much of the “real me” in my bra as possible I bought some 1/2 cup inserts designed to lift natural breast tissue. For me that worked well. It created a very nice natural bustline. Cleavage was less than desirable but I was contented because what was there was (almost) all me.

      I did that when I was living alone. Right before getting married again I went through the all too familiar purge ritual. Everything gone.

      Since getting married I don’t have any of my own clothes yet. However be it bad or good, I have borrowed my wife’s 38 B heavily padded pushup bra which I fill out quietly nicely naturally. My bustline and silhouette are not quite what I would like them to be, but I am contented with what I have when I am dressed.

      I have looked at silicone forms online. I think to get the weight and the bounce just right silicone appears to be the best. However in the development of my femme self I am not sure what to use in harmony with my natural tissue. I am sure I will figure it out when the time comes.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have a set of breast forms from Supergel Products. They are manufactured in their facility in Riverside, CA. They are a solid silicone material as opposed to an encapsulated gel. The advantage is that there is nothing to leak or burst. There is no issue with sleeping in them. They claim a 10 year life and I have no reason to doubt that. I’ve had mine for about 3 years. The relatively large ones that I have are in the $200 range, but smaller ones start just under $100.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      There are a couple of variations regarding how you attach the forms to your chest. Some forms use a double-sided tape arrangement. One side sticks to the form and the other to your chest. The tapes are replaceable. Another method is to use an adhesive, such as Hollister Medical Adhesive. With both methods, there are size limits as the forms become too heavy for the adhesives. The form retailer should have information as to how this all works.

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      Mine are from Amazon and I love them. They are a B cup size and when I put them in a sports bra they look amazingly realistic. They were under fifty U.S. dollars.

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      Dear Charlene V.

      I am in about the same situation, having succeeded to build up a small but obvious bust through use of a breast pump.

      I use one of those backless self adhesive silicon bras, sold as Nu-bra or under other names, placing the cups far out and almost vertically up against the armpits to pull my breasts together for a very convincing cleavage and then wear a padded pushup bra upon that to fill out the outer curves.

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      When I began to transition I had D cup size silicone filled forms. But after a year on HRT my own breast had grown to a C cup and I placed them in a drawer and they eventually leaked. I had only worn them a few times.

      Now after 16 months I fill a 44D and still growing. So I don’t anticipate needing either augmentation or new forms.

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      I have three set of the Silicon, DD, C and A. Love my DD’s but sometimes not appropriate, I am already a natrual B so the DD’s are just to big when trying to dress appropriate.

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      voted natural growth now since starting my HRT but have used the Athena breast plate in past. Wanting my own set of girls.

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      Silicone forms…

      Gen ❤

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      [postquote quote=22049]
      I use 2x boost bras, firstly a C or D cup bra that i pull my breast tissue into to make a nice cleavage, then over the top i put on a DD cup bra of the same make. Very quick and inexpensive method

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      Love my 38C silicone forms!


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      I’m growing natural breasts, people get upset when tell them I’m using a breast pump (D cups) that I fill up each time. Been on this rodeo about 7 years (3 years on HRT meds).

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      Hi all,

      I just thought I’d add this for UK girls: Marks and Spencer do very inexpensive (£10 each) breast forms.  Not sure if they ship overseas.

      My online bra fitter (yes!) recommended them, as she would.  I have seen them and plan to buy, so will report on how they are.  She recommended the small size, first, for my 40B padded bra.

      The online bra fitting is also very good, by the way.

      Love to all,


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