Breast Pumps – do they work?

Breast Pumps - yeh or neh?

Have you had sucess with breast pumps?

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    Stephanie Jones

    I am curious to know if other ladies have tried breast pumps before. What was your experience? How long did it take? How often did you use it?





    Stephanie xo

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      Ms. Tia Tracy

      I have written three articles on breasts and bras here ladies. That doesn’t make me an expert on any level but in my research and usage of this process, I have come across some information that is, in my opinion helpful. First off, we as humans born male develop and grow our Areola/nipple configuration much lower than that of a female making it harder for our breasts to settle and the tell-tale pouch to form. Because they are lower there is less skin in the area between the bottom of the areola and chest segment at the bottom but plenty on top. What happens inside of the vacuum chamber is the upper skin which has more of it stretches more easily and more period. If it is allowed to happen over a long period of time, it results in tubular-shaped breasts that often look down at the ground. The procedure must be done with finesse and if any kind of disorientation begins to occur, you must start over. It is frustrating and monotonous. I found that any more than 5 inches of vacuum was too much. I feel it should be used to loosen up the inside to ALLOW for growth. Please don’t try to enlarge them with vacuum alone.
      Remember you are growing a reproductive organ and proper diet and exercise is key here. also, it’s a proven fact that nicotine blocks the estrogen receptors within our bodies so if you smoke and want large breasts, just quit. Secondly girls you get what you get. No science has proven yet that just because your mother and/or relatives had/have big breasts, you will also grow them. Good luck in your endeavors. Huggz Tia

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      Emily Alt

      I’ve read they can work.  But it seems to be an uncomfortable proposition….with a long-term commitment.  I’d prefer to just let hormones do the job.  They work and they don’t hurt.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Could I use breast enhancement cream with a Noogleberry?</p>

      you can use any cream you’d like

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      I didn’t vote, because I have not used them.

      However, nipple stimulation increases prolactin. It’s provable.

      So it makes perfect sense that they would work.

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      I achieved good results using the Noogleberry system. As others have stated, patience is the key. Used in combination with creams, massage and supplements, pumps are a worthy investment.

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        I have yet to try the Noogleberry or similar devices, but I have a long time acquaintance that has been seriously engaged in ‘natural’ breast development for more than a decade.   She absolutely swears by the effectiveness of the Noogleberry in acheiving and maintaining her full C cup size.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Could I use breast enhancement cream with a Noogleberry?</p>

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      Michelle Lawson

      Personally, I have one, and although I have used it a few times, it seemed to be more trouble that it was worth. At best, it only provides temporary ‘expansion’…… So, it sits in the closet collecting dust. I guess I could but a plastic bottom on them and make a couple of terrariums…. LOL Michelle

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      I have used them and they do work but you have to be patient.
      I have had them for two years and my breasts are quite impressive I think.🤫
      Should add I have been on Hormones as well but to go from flat chested to C cup
      has me convinced.
      Ash XXX

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      Thanks girls… I’m about to start HRT and have been using a pair of nipple pumps… just to get started one might say. They have worked a treat and have tripled the size of my nipples without ill effects and seemingly permanently!
      Possibly Using a breast pump has been a bit of put off for me… to much fooling about. So thanks for the info!

      Hugs Polly

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      Ms. Tia Tracy

      First and foremost Leslie  Stay away from the pueraria Mirifica or P/M.  It is for CIS women and it regulates estrogen so females don’t feel the effects of menopause.  I did an article on it over a year ago .. We as males are not supposed to have estrogen in our bodies so PM will close Our estrogen receptors and make the Estrodiol useless.  Trust me I wasted 12 months on it.  Why does it make your breasts grow?  I causes you to gain weight and when you do, so does your breast appear larger.  Trust me it’s crap.  I gained 30 extra pounds I am now working diligently to lose.

      Second pertaining to breast pumps the answer is yes and no.  Yes if you know what your doing and have patients. One can increase the vacuum and stretch the skin and they will appear larger  for a day or so and then it’s back to normal.  Do this repetitively and the top of your breasts will stretch causing your breasts to look down at the ground when the do grow.  Yuk

      Start with a small cup and use 5-6 inches of vacuum and leave them on for all day just barely pulling.  (YOU DO NOT WANT TO STRETCH YOUR SKIN only stimulate the breast lobules inside to expand ..  Remember.  If a dark red mark or “hickey” appears after removal you are using to much vacuum.  A small rash looking mark is normal.  I have used one and am now into a D cup approaching 2 years use.  I WISH TO ALL ALL I AM INTERSEX AND MY DEVELOPMENT MAY BE DIFFERENT THAT A M2F’S  respectively.  So take your time and enjoy your ride to womanhood. Don’t rush it and your rewards could be great.

      I will now say no  because You will only enlarge them as big as your body wants to grow them girls or (You get what you get) they won’t make them larger than what your supposed to have.                        (unless you like droopy twins that is)

      Huggz  Tia

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      Dawn J

      LeslieAnne, Any side effects from PM?

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      I use the Noogleberry breast pump system . It was so nice because you could detach the hoses and your breasts would remain inflated for hour. My  breasts are so beautifully round now ..So,yes it works..              Cindy Reborne

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      Hi Ladies , i have chimed in on this already , as no response with the pump , minor with the creams and pills sold as breast enlargement help . I read were one lady here was taking Pueraria Mirifica in capsule form , 150 mg and was having some enlargement in her breasts . I purchased this about 6 mos. ago and have had some nice results from this . I started out an A cup at best and am now a b cup , i can fill up my bra cups and i wear a 38B . It called for one pill a day and i did this for about four months and now i am taking two per day . The PM has made my breasts more sensitive to the touch and very round and they now rest on my tummy till i tuck then in my bra cups . I can’t say this would work for all , as some do and some do not , but it may be worth a shot for you . I would suggest to take it slow at first for several months then increase if you want . This is just my thoughts , i hope i’ve helped . Leslie

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      Hit there….
      Amy.. a Newbie here…

      Just been kind of familiarizing myself with the site

      trying to figure out everything and how it works…which for me…a little complicated

      since I don’t usually have much time to devote to being on computer….


      The breast Pump threads caught my attention……so thought I would put in my 2 cents worth….and who knows…might actually help someone in their personal journey….

      I am OLD LADY…haha…not petite…but not large either I guess…

      5ft. 9in…162lbs….and nice PERKY breast..

      I transitioned 20 years op for 17….

      I guess I am the kind of person that does things against the grain so to speak…or my way…just because I want to see something for myself…

      1st thing I did after I started taking Estradiol was to get an Orchiectomy

      I figured this way I would not have to waste the time or what $ I didn’t have for T blockers..etc and the Estradiol would have more of an effect…..


      I was right…..more fat….smoother skin, more fem shape….and most importantly…my BOOBS started growing..

      Got to B cup..but for my frame and size…..just was not in proportion so started exploring different methods and STUFF..

      Tried the Noogleberry system that someone mentioned…..did tun them bluish/greenish sometimes if I put on to much pressure……but I never noticed any real difference in size…

      Like you….tried all kinds of creams and pills..

      During this time….I was also injecting my estradiol which I feel at least for me is the best way as it is more direct….by passes the liver…

      OK…here goes…the 2 products that worked for ME…


      I guess I can say their names as I see others use them..

      Breast Enhancement cream or gel with DHEA which I used once in morning and at night….

      Breast Actives was the best pills I found after trying several…….the gel also helps to firm….but I still do exercises everyday with my 5 lb. weights for my chest…

      NOW….it seems I can’t get them to stop growing…or my imagination…

      Several years ago…when a friend was going to buy me a bra at Victoria’s Secrets…..they measured me a 38A…


      I haven’t taken my own measurement for a while…waste of time…..


      This is what I did and it worked VERY well for me….to well I think sometimes…but still get the stares as I never (except when really called for…)wear a bra….

      Girls are that firm and perky……



      Thank you for letting me say my say and hope it helps someone …maybe something you haven’t tried…


      Stay safe….


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      Toni Tone

      I did the breast pump for the last two years.I only did it on the left side for one hour left side is almost a cup bigger.I only did one side because I wanted to see if it really works or not.It does.Now I’m working on the other side to balance out.

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      I have the manual pump with 5′ cups. When I first started I could barely get my breasts halfway into the tube without them going blue and quite painful. Perhaps I overdid it.

      However I persevered and did a bit every now and again. Eventually I could actually fill the whole cup without any strain. That took me about six months. I then purchased the bigger cups and again it has been a long process and can fill 3/4.

      After a session the breast area is swollen and it will go back down. There is an initial obvious sign but it does go.

      Has it worked? Well I do not do the process religiously but at the start of the process I was B cup and now I am C cup.

      I would say that it would depend on how much you have at the start but it does help the skin to stretch and I can wear lower cut tops.

      I never believed the hype when I purchased them but, for me there has been a difference


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      Never used one, I do massages by hand 2x daily

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      I voted ‘yes’ but only because it was the best answer in my experience.  I have used breast pumps for years before HRT.  Although the use of them was stimulating, there was no actual physical augmentation.  The breast cremes didn’t work either, they best they can do is using them while on HRT and applying it.  The massaging effect is the key, not the ingredients.  Any body lotion will do if you are on HRT.  Massaging any time and even in the shower helps too.

      I have both vacuum and electronic ‘stimulator’ types of breast enhancements.  I like both but I can’t say one  is better than the other.  I would lean more towards a rhythemic suction machine (Brava) if you can afford it.

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      I know that HRT is the most effective but I’m not ready for it

      I’m currently 74 and have been on HRT for two years.  I started out at 44 inches around the nipples with 42 inches below on the rib cage.  It took quite a bit of time to get my testosterone down to a point it didn’t get in the way of what my estradiol patch was giving me.  Talking with my doctor, we decided to start the estradiol as a low dosage and work up.  The first six months was hit and miss on hormone levels, but at the one year mark, after a change in blockers and bringing my estradiol dosage up, I reached what my doctor says is perfect transition levels.

      By then, I’d gained one inch around the bust.  Not really enough to notice, but when I lifted my arms up to do my hair, if I was topless, I could see that there was real breast development.   Right now, 2 1/2 years in, I have 46 inches around the bust.  The charts claim that’s a D cup.  However, putting on a B cup, I don’t really fill it all that well.

      My breasts, are uneven, that is to say my left looks pretty good, but the right is hardly noticeable.  What’s there is pretty much spread out around the sides as much as up front.  So while the measurements claim one thing, reality is another.

      What it amounts to, 72 was more than a little late to start the whole process.  The younger a person starts the better the result will be.   So if you’re considering it, don’t wait, do it now. I’m going to stick it out, because it can take up to five years to gain all that you can.  Truthfully, I knew it was a long shot when I started, but my gender identity demanded that I make the effort.

      Since my insurance, Kaiser Senior Advantage, will cover hormone treatment, electrolysis and GRS, it won’t cover breast augmentation in my area (they will in Washington) to spite the fact that Medicare will cover it, I’m at the point of seeking out an outside surgeon to see what my cost will be over and above medicare.

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        I managed to get hold of a hand breast pump that had some effect but the electronic versions get blocked at customs (in some respects officialdom is incredibly prudish in Thailand). I am now on hrt and putting on weight so it is hard to tell if it is the increased fat or actual breast growth as I have been on the hormones for about 10 months now.

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      Marianne Tornander

      During the last 2 1/2 years I have been using a home built device based on the so called Noogleberry system, but with two five inches wide glass cylinders with smooth rims for the cups and an industrial strength vacuum pump. The pump is actually powerful enough that i got hickeys and some beginning stretch marks for pumping too hard at the start. I have been pumping on and off, but on average maybe two times a week, momentarily expanding the breasts as much as possible three times in a row. The changes haven’t been drastical, but I have went from virtually flat chested 85 cm or 33 1/2″ to inbetween an A-cup and a B-cup with 31 inches below bust and 35 inches around the nipples, maybe a little smaller now after not being able to pump during my summer vacation. I hope if l am lucky, I’ll be a full B-cup for next summer.

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        Well that’s encouraging… I have on with an electric one that I use sporadically. You can take it to the painful point, so you want to be careful…. I think I’ll keep using it for now, if for no other reason than to say I gave it an honest try


        Thanks 🙂

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      I to tried the pump , and got no responce , i did find a cream that worked somewhat , but still small in comparison to HRT. I would say they are a waste of your hard earned money. Leslie

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        Thanks Leslie

        I am thinking lypo-suction, and while I’m at it, breast enhamcement. Apparantly the doc is quite an artist at body sculpting… I’ve seen some of his work and it’s very natural looking. Also  he has experience with trans ladies which is a deal breaker for me


        I know that HRT is the most effective  but I’m not ready for it



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      I had a pair of medela pumps at one point when I was finding unconstructive ways to cope with being in purgatory before hrt.  I mean,  they felt nice on an undeveloped chest and caused temporary swelling but after a few months of regimented use twice a day,  I’d emphasize the temporary.  I know my wife didn’t consider the years of breast pumping beneficial to the size of her breasts once it was all over.

      Of course, now that I’m on hrt… you couldn’t pay me to put those things on my breasts.  Ouch!!!!


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        Thanks Kate, this is the kind of thing I was looking to hear. I love the feeling personally, but I will be realistic in my expectations




        Stephanie xo

        • #35945

          Yeah,  I’d put these in the same categories as other breast creams and pumps marketed to our males brethren.  If it worked,  there’d be a lot more well-endowed men and women wouldn’t be such a small percentage of the population.  Just a bunch of anecdotal marketing stories preying on hopes and dreams… as they always have.

          • #35946

            I hear you. Well, it was only $16 bucks or something ridiculous. Fun for a while 🙂


            Stephanie xo

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