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    Michelle Larsen

    I have been mulling over how to present this; or if I even should. You’ll see why at the end…

    Yesterday, my sons, my mother, and I went to the public library. They typically have a cart of books or something, that they are trying to sell to raise money right inside the door. Well, yesterday it was DVDs. So we found a few and I went up to pay for them. IN the process of the transaction the sales lady used the term “ma’am” when she was talking to me. I picked up on it, and just kept going with the flow. Finished the transaction, and went on inside.

    As I’m looking around, I started to think a bit. So, here I was, wearing a simple cotton, light, loosely form fitting t-shirt, skinny jeans, and my light pink tennis shoes. And other than my nails, not one bit of makeup on. My hair was brushed, but nothing other than this wiry hair. And I wasn’t even trying to effect my voice in any way.

    And still, she referred to me as “ma’am”. Now, I thinking; should I go back and thank her? Would any other woman thank someone for referring to them properly? Probably not. So I didn’t. In fact, I admonished myself for even thinking about this as anything at all.

    Why you may ask? Because, how am I to expect other’s to see and treat me as a woman, or female, when I am so wrapped up in worrying how other’s perceive me. “Act like you have some self confidence”, I say to myself.

    So that is exactly what I did, I acted like me. Not like someone other’s want me to act like, or someone I think other’s want me to act like. Just me! And on with life I went. On the way out I passed her again, and we said pleasant goodbyes to each other.

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