Came out to wife as Trans

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    anyone experienced coming out to wife recently?

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      Stephanie Kennedy


      My wife found out the hard way she found a bag of my clothes .She called me at work and said we have to talk.She was mad,scared, confused all at the same time.She had a tear in her eye when she showed me the bag of clothes. Her first words where “what the f__k? I never heard her swear before. I was just stunned. My brain went into over drive. I calmly said they were mine. I waited for her to speak next.She repeated “We have to talk” I told her i was interested in crossdressing and I joined a private club for crossdresser’s. The truth was i wanted to begin my life as a woman. I wanted to feel like a woman again as i did when i was a teenager going out with other girls like me.I just wanted to stop pretending being a man. That was a huge mistake on my part. I should of just told her the truth. But i was just to ashamed of Stephanie. I felt that telling her i was a crossdresser would be a little easier for her to handle and it was to my amazement. She asked a thousand questions she smiled and sometimes laughed at my answers. She thought it was cute.I felt bad I lied to her. That was again the time i should of began my life .I just delayed it again hoping this feeling would go away.The old saying the truth will set you free applied to me I remained a prisoner in this body for the next twenty years. Ladies no matter how hard it is to tell the truth just do it and deal with the consequences. It does not go away. You just have to be honest with your self and be honest with others most importantly be honest with those who love you.
      Luv Stephanie

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      Breanna Leigh


      I told my SO of 23 years, last year. The best advise I can give is be honest, honest and honest. Then, if you love her, let her know as she will be very confused. The longer you wait to come out, the harder it is on them as they feel betrayed and lied to.

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      Angela Ramirez


      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m working on coming out to my SO. I’d like to hear how it went or how you plan on coming out to her. I’m talking to my therapist on what to say etc. The more I information I have the better I’ll feel.</p>

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      Danika Bainey


      I came out to my wife about 12 years ago.  We were lying in bed watching TV and the words just flew out of my mouth.  “Honey, I think I am trans”.  Then there were the 10,000 questions and quite apparently, I left her confused.  Was I gay, did I want to be a woman, did I want the surgeries, how long did I know and on and on and on.  I told her I didn’t know yet what was happening but that I just wanted to be honest with her and not sneak around as a woman.  After about a 1/2 hour interrogation, she started calming down a little bit.  I then said I was going to go to the living room and see what else is on the tube.  About 10 minutes later she came out of the bedroom and handed me 3 pair of panties.  She told me to start wearing panties to see if it made me feel better.  The next day I wore a pair of them to work.  What a wonderful feeling.  From that point on, I took it slow and easy in my progression.  I wanted her to fully absorb everything before I progressed any more so as not to put too much on her at one time.  Now, about 95% of the time, I am enfemmed.  We go shopping together, we have our girl days, we discuss fashion and now I even have my own Victoria’s Secret credit card.  It took some time to where we are comfortable with who I am but I am happy about the path I took and the way I took it.  Life is good

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      Anne Preuss


      Hi Lexi, I have not but did you come out to your wife as trans or CD (per your profile)?  Wondering how that went over.

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