Can one begin physical transition from mental star?

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    Hello ladies, I am a sixty yr old who’s “dam has broken” and seem to be having physical changes since. A little history. Heart issues in 2000 and again 2009. On meds for it. One is Spiro. 50 mg/day since 2000.   I never noticed ANY physical changes beyond erecting dysfuntion in the extreme. But with some mutual revisions my wife and my intimate relationship is unconventionally awesome. Forward to about a month ago when my life stress killed my costume of the man. Crisis. Either he died or I took us both out so he died. Since then mentally I am calmer , I mean nervous about what is happening but not fighting inside. But physically some thing kind of wonderful has happened. I am having what I feel is female sexual excitement. I no longer have that urgent driven need but rather a warmth in my loins not centered on my phallus at all. It is brought on by deep kissing and loving touch and is like a soft emotional orgasm that has no one spot it arises from. I am loving it so much more than anything I have ever experienced. And oddly in the last two weeks my breasts have grown and my nipples are quite sensitive. All since the pivotal psychological crisis. So is the Spiro now more effective? Has anyone ever heard of such? Hey I am not complaining, I love feeling like there is warm love in my loins after feeling nothing. I love my new and look to be growing breasts. And I love the woman I will hopefully live my life out exploring a fresh warmth she is getting from me now that MariaBella is running the show. God the feelings just talking about it are so new and welcome!

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 


    Mariabella…thank you for your story. I too am on Spiron0lactone and one of the side effects is as you mentioned. 14 years for me I have grown mini boobs and began think more feminine. It is great…was going there anyway. Now with hormones and diet/excise my body is looking me feminine everyday. With make up and clothes and attitude, I am now “Woman”. With my heart….no surgery is possible…that’s ok cause I am happy were I am. Look ford to hearing more from you sweetie.

    Dame Veronica


    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      Oh Dame Veronica it is so good to hear from you! Yes. my breasts, I love them! and how they feel with silky cloth again them. New sensuality that I love. I think I am rpidly building to introducing MariaBella at home. The wife has begun saying things like she is noticing my new self emerge and said she loved who I am. It is building on a good foundation of my happiness daily growing and spreading through the house. I think if she can get with the visual changes of my transition she will be happier herself as I think her own sexuality is more fluid than she thought. That said we are older and established in our community so at this point my big fear is social. I think she may well be happier in a happy lesbian relationship than in a relationship with a mask over who she actually loves.
      blessings hugs and kisses from little me Dame Veronica.

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    Thank you love but surgery is not in my stars. Hormones seem to be at work already since I have been on Spiro for my heart for 20 yrs

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     Ginnie Gidlund 


    I found out about the transgender part of me and at the same time I also got diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. But the full programe for the start of treatment of the transexualisme is a long path here in Sweden, so I got to accept the AS and accept that that was as constitutional as the color of my eyes. It did not stop the AS symptomes, but I knew what it ws that happened in relation to other persons. So I would advice yo to do all things about your nonTG-problems should be sorted out before the several years of tests and discusions with a specialist. The final descision that you want to go through (year one) then the tests that would stop those that just have a temporary urgency to transition as it is very difficult to reverse the op. ( year2) and hen the training to live in the new gender and feeling that it is the right thing (year 3). And during all this long time it is very good that to have contact with persons that have gone through all this.
    To treat bow problems at the same time might be too hard and could hurt you more than is healthy.
    Gnnie [email protected]

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