Childhood Momories cont

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    Lucy Liz Taylor


    Hi All


    Cont.: Childhood Memories;




    During Primary School, we were given a choice to do ballet or sports, aged six or seven one thinks, the mind grows dimmer as we get on in years. Well I know you guessed it, my head said yes please all that dancing, but due to conforming tried Football (soccer). No good just did not have the ability or will to play, then athletics, yep the same outcome. During Secondary School the same thing happerened, What I do remember is me and my best friend a boy, now he could do sports, very good at the javelin, well built for his age. Oh, by the way think I was about eleven or twelve. So, what we did on a regular basis is chopping up wood in the woods next to my school. we did this for the Techers, so they could have firewood for themselves.


    Love to all


    Lucy Liz


    Oh, this just pop into my Head, did an internet search the other day and on beknow to me my name, Lucy Liz Taylor, is associated with the old classic TV programme I Love Lucy. Used love that programme as a child. How I got my name from the I always loved, Lucy and an old nickname acquired via a nick name I got called in me mid-Twenties, how weird is that?


    Got to go and Cook Tea (dinner).


    Love to All


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      CC Webb
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      I’m reminded of the lyrics of Rush’s song Subdivisions

      In the high school halls
      In the shopping malls
      Conform or be cast out
      In the basement bars
      In the backs of cars
      Be cool or be cast out
      Any escape might help to smooth
      The unattractive truth
      But the suburbs have no charms to soothe
      The restless dreams of youth

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        Lucy Liz Taylor


        Hi Cloe,

        Thank you for your reply, must admit never heard that song but was never a RUSH fan, more Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Eagles and many more, just an old hippy. will have to listen to Rush a bit more.

        All the best

        Lucy Liz

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          CC Webb
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          Love their music.  Politics…. meh

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