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      Is this a topic you would like to see addressed on TGH?

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      Since we should wish to learn about all facets of this crazy roller coaster ride, I feel like tasteful, respectful discussion of any viewpoint must be heard. I can learn from anyone’s journey whether it aligns with mine or not.

      As long as the person discussing their detransition is not pushing an agenda (which applies to all of us, for sure!), I see no reason why not. I don’t necessarily think it should be a private group or be restricted, either.

      Good question!


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Statistics that I have seen show that it is a very small percentage of the trans population. Also, the vast majority are driven by external circumstances, such as finances, family issues, work issues and medical issues. Regret slots in behind all of those…

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      As others have stated detransitioning is something that do happen for a number of different reasons we may personally find valid or not. I am always open to learn from other peoples perspectives as long as there is a mutual respect for each other’s unique circumstances.

      Marianne Tornander

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      As others have stated detransitioning is something that do happen for a number of different reasons we may personally find valid or not. I am always open to learn from other peoples perspectives as long as there is a mutual respect for each other’s unique circumstances.

      Marianne Tornander

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      I feel knowing such stories is important. seeing that the grass isn’t always greener, and give pause to such an impactful life decision is really warranted. It is also why I think children should not be pushed to transition. I 100% support puberty blockers for Dysphoric children, but transitioning should be held until 18.

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      (So long as Piers Morgan stays out of it. Good Grief!)

      Barb ,)

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      IMO, it’s best that we be honest about the proportion of people who de-transition.  In case no one has noticed :), the right wing has produced wildly inflated claims regarding the proportion of people who de-transition.  In reality, it’s far less than 0.5% (.005).  It’s also important to note that there have been few, if any, instances of anyone wishing to de-transition after “irreversible” GRS.

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        While there are a myriad of reasons why people detransition, I think the important one is whether or not it was significant in resolving gender dysphoria. External factors are largely out of the individual’s control and while they have statistical significance in understanding the entire picture, they really don’t speak to the internal factors. I wouldn’t be surprised if conservatives lump all of the possibilities together in order to make the numbers look larger than they really are, even though the internal numbers should be the only figures of merit…

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      Dawn J

      Girls, please keep the politics out of this discussion.

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Unfortunately it is hard to avoid as it seems to have considerable influence regarding external factors that can cause people to question their decisions to transition. Things like hateful rhetoric and lack of protections regarding employment discrimination, housing discrimination, et al, start somewhere.

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      [postquote quote=130717]

      In all of those scenarios, hearing these tales has value to the community

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        I have written about this once previously. I personally detransitioned once, after having lived 13 months full time as a woman. It was the best decision that I could have made at the time (26 years ago) given the very adverse pressures on my wife by her parents following the birth of our son.

        Well, fortunately we are in a better place now, her parents are now deceased, and children out of the house. My transition is now a fulfilling part of our lives.

        Also, I am one of the (very few!) physicians in my part of the state who treats TG patients with hormonal therapy. I have personally not had any patients who have regretted their transition. However, I will be the first to explain that they are very highly selected and very highly motivated for their personal success.


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        DeeAnn Hopings

        I should have explained further. The point is how the information is distorted and used. We are led to believe that detransitioning is a significant number, but this is spread for political reasons. However, the truth is that the rate is way down in the single digits. As I remember, studies that I have seen are mostly in the 1% to 2% range for people who detransitioned because it wasn’t helping them psychologically. If a person detransitions due to medical, financial, family, peer pressure or employment reasons, that is different and does NOT mean that the initial decision to transition was wrong. All these are external factors. The thing is, when we see data, pay attention to the source. That says a lot about its validity.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I would have to do some searching for the exact numbers, but as I remember the percentage of people who were unhappy about their transition was noticeably less than the people who were unhappy about their knee replacements.

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      I believe this is an important topic that needs to be brought more into the light.

      I am not sure this site would be where those seeking to de-transition would come for help and support, perhaps I am wrong?

      From my own perception of what is happening around the world, and more so in certain countries, we should welcome discussion on this and all areas of transition – desirable and undesirable.

      There is a lot of help available here and elsewhere if you wish to embark on a path of transition. However,  like many things in life today, things have changed in ways that are not always good for people and humanity as a whole.

      Questioning life and how it plays out should always be a topic for conversation, yet we see global narratives playing out on an increasing level that deter us from such actions. I have seen so many changes during my lifetime, some that I would never have thought or believed possible! And yet I see them happening today.

      We should feel obliged to question and understand as much as we can about the things that can affect us personally and collectively. Not just here and in the trans sector, but wherever our logic and common sense tells us to.

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      I would agree with Brielle. It shouldn’t matter as long as there isn’t an ulterior motive behind your transitioning or de-transitioning.

      It may be helpful, for anyone in their journey to transition, to make the best informed decisions for their self by understanding why someone would de-transition. Knowledge is king so the more we learn the better off we’ll be.

      I believe that anyone who is transgender is more open minded and more accepting of others than 99% of the population.

      Just Saying, Kelly

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      In my particular case, I have transitioned and have been living as a woman for almost two years. I was recently diagnosed as being intersex, my hormone levels are high in estrogen and my chromosomes are XXY, I also have many female physical traits.

      I was told that I actually am an intersex female, a woman. How would you even be able to detransition??

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      Alexis Wassermann

      Not going to place my vote , but I de-transition for 13 years and form chatting with other members here I’m not a long in doing that …….



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