Discrimination in the Workplace, Has it affected you?

Have you experienced discrimination in the workplace for being Transgender?

A multiple choice poll, To discuss the situations we all face when coming out in the workplace.

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  • Yes I have experienced Discrimination
  • Yes I have faced Discrimination and I was fired
  • Yes I have faced Discrimination and quit
  • People have treated me differently since coming out at work (explain n comments)
  • My Employer has been understanding but I still see bias.
  • My Employer has been very understanding and I've had no issues
  • My Employer had no issues, Although my co workers did.
  • It took a while for people to adjust, But everything is fine now.
  • No I haven't experienced any Discrimination as such


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    Hello everyone.

    Once again it’s time for the monthly TGH poll.

    This month we are focusing on your experiences on coming out at work and any discrimination you may have faced.

    It can be hard enough to come out to family and friends and live your authentic life, It’s even harder for some to maintain employment and friendships at work during transition and indeed after.

    I myself have lost employers and have been subjected to sexist comments so I know personally how hurtful this can be.

    Once again we are running a multiple choice poll and as always your responses may help those following in your brave footsteps.

    Hugs Cami xx

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      Know your rights 🙂



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      Know your rights: https://transequality.org/know-your-rights/employment-general


      What Are My Employment Rights?

      Federal courts across the country and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have concluded that discrimination because a person is transgender or gender non-conforming constitutes illegal sex discrimination. Many states and localities also expressly prohibit job discrimination based on gender identity and/or expression
      You have the right not to be fired or refused a job or promotion because you are transgender. This is true even if your state and locality have not passed laws explicitly prohibiting gender identity discrimination.
      You have the right to be treated with respect and not be harassed. Sex-based harassment is unlawful when it is severe or widespread and an employer does not take steps to stop it. Sex based harassment can include:</p>

      • Jokes or derogatory comments about transgender people
      • Repeated and intentional use of the wrong name or pronouns
      • Invasive, disrespectful personal questions may constitute harassment

      You have the right to safe and adequate access to restrooms and other facilities consistent with your gender identity. According to several federal courts and the EEOC, denying access to facilities consistent with your gender idientity can constitute discrimination. Employers cannot demand medical or legal documentation of your gender as a condition of restroom access, or limit you to using a specific restroom separate from other employees. Agencies also cannot require you to use facilities that are unsanitary, potentially unsafe, or located at an unreasonable distance from your work station.

      Trans people are protected, no matter what the Trump Administration says. In October 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo stating the U.S. Justice Department would no longer stand up for transgender people in court. This memo does not change the law, and it ignores nearly two decades of court rulings, as well as the position of the EEOC. While the Trump Administration’s actions may cause confusion and encourage employers to discriminate, trans people are still protected at work.

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      A good resource on Trans Employment rights

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      Hailey Frem


      Yes and I was fired for no reason.My current workplace now,LGBT friendly and treated better now

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      Starting out my career as an RMT while still presenting as male. Transitioning to female while still working was definitely a challenge. While most people accepted my transition. There have been several who couldn’t wrap their minds around it and ended their treatments because of it. I even had one person call the clinic saying that they’re no longer comfortable coming back to the clinic to see any of the practitioners because I worked there. It created a sense of blame upon myself that my existence there was not only affecting my career, but others as well. It was one of the major things that I took into account when I chose to stop practicing at that location. Even though my coworkers had been supportive of me throughout my transition.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      There were only 3 months between when I came out and when I retired. I also never dressed when working.

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        DeeAnn Hopings


        To carry this further, while it was within company policy to dress according to your desired gender, you had to be actively transitioning. You also couldn’t bounce back and forth between gender presentations.

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      Breanna Leigh


      Great Pole!!

      Unfortunately, many people are subjected to discrimination at work because they are trans. I was told that being transgender was “worse” than being gay. What does that statement mean?! Are we now “measuring” the degree of good or bad your label might be? Totally an ignorant statement and I told her so. Also, I was thrown out of a customer’s home during a sales presentation because I admited to being trans when asked. Society is slowly becoming a little more accepting with time, people are not as prejudice as they were during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but theres alot of room for improvement!

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        Michelle K


        i think it means its worse because it it’s legal to fire someone for “not following a dress code” aka changing gender. there are no protections that i know of for transgender employees. I actually went as far as to get a dr. note to allow me to wear a bra … this after getting written up for not looking professional because my high prolactin levels (i think it is) cause discharge. In their minds i did this to myself. Like getting a visible tattoo or piercing when its against the dress code

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