Does anyone understand bra sizes??

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    Sophie Bourne

    Hi everyone… I’m new to transgender heaven, and am still working through the mechanics of how to transition.

    One thing that’s really puzzling me is bra sizes. I’m not on HRT but already have man boobs. I’d thought perhaps it was to do with being overweight, but I’ve since slimmed down to healthy weight, and though my waist is much narrower, I’m much the same chest-size, or even larger… seems the fat has decided to relocate itself upstairs (and to some extent round the hips).

    Anyway, going by size charts and measurements it seems I ought to be in a D cup, which just seems impossible. The indications I’ve seen are that even *after* HRT, most trans women only get to A or B, and I don’t look remotely like a D. The fat is all around the sides and back, and not much in front. When wearing baggy male clothes, they don’t really show at all… in female clothes with bra, I look like an A cup or small B cup. It strikes me that a good choice of bra could push everything out in front and perhaps give a look like a C cup… the best I’ve found so far is a 36C with thin padding, but it still leaves me hanging out the sides under armpits, and regularly shoving them back in.

    Apologies in advance if this is too much detail or sounds boastful, but I was wondering if either a) I’ve got a natural estrogen production which is sky high already or b) The way bra sizes are measured is just all wrong for transgender people or c) I am just being really stupid somehow.

    Does this relate to anyone else here?



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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Sounds like you have made progress. I believe the problem you mentioned, the fatty tissue spilling over the sides of the bra, is called Muffin Top. It can also happen around the back. There is a type of bra with higher wings (sides) to keep that tissue under control. The wings fit closer to the underarm with that design. Some of the longline bras can help also. Be sure to check HerRoom as they are a wealth of information.

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      Have you got everything sorted out? If so, how did you do it?

      Hi Dee-Ann, I’ve been meaning to follow-up on this. I’ve rather settled into a 36D (with some silicone padding, for one or two of my bras) though I’m still rather short of filling the cups, even with all my breast fat pulled/pushed forwards. For comparison, if I step down to a 36C, then the cup is pretty full, but the sidebands are not wide enough, so I still hang out under the shoulders. HRT will probably help but it will be months before I can get it… I’m looking at herbal options/breast pumps with a friend right now to see if they might be any use.

      I’m finding I need to be careful what I wear over top, because some of my dresses and blouses just flatten everything out, whereas others hug the shoulders and underarms really tight and help to keep me pushed forward.

      Biggest disappointment is my rib-cage, because it sticks out just underneath the band-line, and it makes it difficult to see the full frontal effect of the breasts above. Again choice of top makes a difference, but mostly I look like a small B cup, and nothing like a D. I might be able to find a cincher to pull the lower rib-cage in a bit, but I’m already in the tightest size I could find on Amazon.

      I also ordered a couple of stick-on bras, but to be honest I can’t quite work out how to get them to stretch enough to hold me at the sides. The connecting band or clip isn’t really elastic on either of them.

      Apart from that, I do probably still need a bit of in-person fitting advice. I found a place nearby which could help, but all shutdown right now with the lock-in.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Have you got everything sorted out? If so, how did you do it?

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I suggest visiting the HerRoom web site. They have lots of information on how to measure correctly, various breast shapes, bra styles, how they are intended to fit, what they are intended to do, etc.

      One thing that they have done is to develop a method called Universal Cup Size (UCS). They sell bras from all over the world and the cup size designations are different. The UCS is a tool to help make the correspondence.

      Search the site for “bra fitting” and that will take you to the section…

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      Bless you Ellen Marianne … that’s the sort of sensible explanation that reassures me I’m not losing my mind. I’m not quite sure how to ask at a lingerie shop without going out fully dressed as Sophie and just hoping I find a sensitive sales assistant!

      For now, I am trying a 38D which was recommended based on some step by step comparison advice (finding photos which most closely matched the way my breasts hung in and out of the 36C). They do fit better, hold more in and push more out front (now resembling a decent B under my nightie), but still there is sag out and under the armpits.

      Also, I am sure that 36 is the correct band-size, so I will try a 36DD. I’ll also order a Nu-Bra and try the trick you suggested.

      I guess will have to live with an apparent cup with is 2-3 sizes below the technical cup… so I might look like a decent sized B or small C. But then even if HRT adds only a single cup, I’d be pretty happy!

      P.S. My ex is a B and our daughter is also a B. Mywearing a DD will catch both of them offguard, though my ex did always say my man boobs were big enough that I needed a bra, and should self-examine regularly for breast cancer. I think she intended this as an insult!





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      Marianne Tornander

      Dear Sophie ,

      Not very long ago I read an article here or maybe over at Crossdresser Heaven dealing with the differences between the breast anatomy of a man and a woman, and why HRT in an advanced age doesn’t necessary give you that perfect bust you wish for. The male breasts are usually wider spread and the breast muscles do not form that poach of a woman, giving the breasts their hanging shape. The normal sizing of bras thus do not apply to the general crossdresser or transgender woman. I strongly recommend you to find a supportive lingerie store and get fitted for an appropriate bra.

      For myself, I am quite slim, measuring only 31 inches below the bust, which limits the spread and naturally gives me a more female shape. With frequent use of a breast pumping device (i.e. creating a vacuum around the breast to make it expand and stretch the skin and tissues) I have managed to further enhance the outlinein the female direction by creating a bit of that rounded poach. I am now close to a B-cup and look quite good in a medium to heavy padded pushup bra size 36 B.

      Out of a YouTube video I learnt you can greatly enhance your cleavage by clever use of one of those backless self adhesive silicon bras sold under names such as Nu-bra, Un-bra and other. By stretching the interconnecting band enough to plsce the cups nearly vertically outside your breasts and up towards the armpits, everything is largely pulled in up and in towards the center of your then wear a padded pushup bra over it all to hold the Nu-bra securely in place and disguise the lacking outer curves of the breasts. Using this technique I can display a totally believable C-cup bust with real cleavage even in low cut tops and dresses.

      Ellen Marianne Tornander

      Moderator, Associate Editor and Swedish Ambassador for Crossdresser Heaven and Transgender Heaven.

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