Does everyone want srs ?

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      I think about it pretty much always, Though I can NEVER live as a woman or present successfully in public as such.

      I am seriously considering an Orchi soon so i can dump the anti androgens.

      I am certain I will eventually go full GCS but being perceived as a giant male by anyone with eyes is what I am cursed to regardless my genitalia.

      I WILL pursue gender affirming medical interventions but whats underneath will necessarily remain undercover

      I work in a predominately male field, wear a company supplied uniform of male carhart clothing, have to order size 16 male steel toe shoes outside the company contracted supplier of footwear.

      20 years on hormones have done nothing to make me look feminine with any gender clothing.

      This is not a pity party, just my reality. I accept it as such.

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      As a trans man, I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll go through with medically transitioning for a few reasons. For a long time, I have been hesitant about the medical transitioning process; I had considered top surgery and I do still consider top surgery and I may do it in the future, but it’s not high on the list of things I want at this particular moment. In regards to bottom surgery, I don’t like either option and a packer/STP works just fine. In regards to HRT, I have a hormone imbalance where I am able to grow facial hair, and I am already able to pass 99% of the time. The only thing is building muscle, and if building muscle is something that I want, I’ll work out.

      The only thing I’m really considering is going through the legal process of getting my name changed.

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        Is it easy to get your name changed where you live ?

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          I have looked into what the legal process looks like, and it does look relatively easy to do. The only thing that seems like it would be a pain is to get everything else changed (SIN, passport, and other government documents).

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            Yeah that’s what I thought and bank accounts driving license etc, but be nice to use our true names

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            Danii, I came out earlier this year and changed my name fairly painlessly on everything except my NHS record. I’m not sure how to change that, but it’s of far lesser importance than my driving licence and so on. Every organisation has changed with without much hassle. For some, you’ll need a declaration, which you can find from a UK government site at

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            Hi, I changed mine years ago in the UK by declaration (very inexpensive) and my NHS one is right, I think it is set when you change doctor…or register. My Passport was a little long winded, and I did it first but everything else fell into place with the Passport…it was the thing to have. Birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. you just have to say ‘previous known as’ Now I’m about to change my first name…so here we go again lol. My dentist has already accepted to call me Alex on my records without any legal documents. Gender change is more difficult but UK online Government forms to guide you.

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            Thanks Alex, I’m definitely going to change it be nice to be accepted as me. I dress most days as Danielle but still haven’t been out during the day I guess I’m too apprehensive but one day at a time. Name first then voice then hrt I think. It’s fantastic to chat to other girls like this xx

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            Go out shopping with a girlfriend…it so gives you moral support and confidence. I have no male clothes, I go out and about, shop, bar, doctor/dentist everywhere and don’t even think about it. I am Alex 24/7. I can’t go out without mascara though!
            Slightly off topic sorry.

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            Omg you are so brave, I haven’t come out to anyone yet, I long for the chance to go out clothes shopping, I wish mascara was the only thing i worried about lol xx

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            Oh thanks for that another step to being the real me xx

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      The short answer is no.

      To discuss that further, affirmation surgeries are an expensive and invasive set of procedures. If you can’t afford it, don’t have insurance, can’t be away from work for 6 to 8 weeks or are a poor medical candidate for surgical procedures, it won’t happen. The last statistic I saw a few years back had a surprisingly low percentage. As I remember, only about 30 percent of trans folks had affirmation surgeries.

      We must also remember that the procedures are also quite invasive as surgeries go. That can also be a buzz kill.

      For my own situation, I have no desire to do affirmation surgeries and I also have no desire to do HRT. It is enough for me that I present as DeeAnn 98% of the time. She is the person of record in the 5 organizations where I hold office. She has her own credit card and very few here even know that there is a Don. I don’t see anything changing in the foreseeable future…

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      Partial but not all the way (T-removal is a must)…well full is not my plan. I said that about breast augmentation though…but that was months ago, and now it is on my plan. Also veneers! I’m not making light of the question, it seems the sand below my feet keeps moving. Also it depends on relationships, who I become and what my needs are as a woman. As I transition my needs are changing, I’ve noticed that already in just 7months. Perhaps that is just me I don’t know about others. X

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        That is me, too! Before I was even diagnosed with gender dysphoria, the only things I said that I would need to transition were full beard and body hair removal (by FAR my biggest trigger), and starting on HRT. Beyond that, nothing was required. And I honestly thought that little, if anything, would be needed beyond that. Now as the hair is going away, and the HRT is starting to work, I’m realizing that some surgeries might come into the picture, but there isn’t anything that I can claim a need for, yet. I want to give the HRT a lot more time (seven months in, so a long ways to go…) before BA or FFS are considered. GCS is still a big question, and zero-depth vs traditional is muddying the waters.

        I can’t wait too long, as I’ve only got a handful of years left that I’d want to work, and work has excellent health coverage for transition. Maybe even hair restoration fill be in my future, if I have time to make my case.

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          The more I think I can still be Danielle without srs but facial hair must go change my voice and I would really want orchiectomy I live as Danielle most days but that would make me more complete xx

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            Voice feminisation is really hard work, but vital for me. I’m struggling I have lifted to just below A3 lol…but it isn’t easy…I had such a low voice. Looking at up to 12months to get close.

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            At least your heading in the right direction, I am sure you will get there I’m certainly gonna try xx

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        Do you find it exciting though creating the real you ? Xx

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          Hi Danii…I feel I am peeling away my false male layers to reveal the real woman underneath. I’m not creating her…I’m releasing her. She is very happy about this and with every layer gone I feel happier and more liberated. It is still happening, everyday is a new experience. x

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            Omg Alex you described it so perfectly xx

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      Does everyone want sex change surgery ? Or you happy to just to live a life dressed fem ?

      Danii, I don’t want to go totally feminine. I’m 71, and current situation wouldn’t allow it. Even if I could I wouldn’t. God made me a male, but I do have this fascination for wearing a skirt. x


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      No doubt everyone has her own view on this. For me, all that’s stopping me from having it is lack of funds. I must wait in line here in the UK for NHS treatment which is barely funded. Having a more female body is one of my deepest desires.

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        Airlane, I wish you success in the future.


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        I agree I’m from the uk as well I desperately want to be a woman but not sure it will ever happen !!

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          Hi Danii. I feel just the same. Are you on a waiting list for a first appointment with a GIC? I saw my GP a few months ago and he contacted my nearest GIC in Newcastle who put me on their 4-year list. What’s your situation?

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            Hi yeah I’m the same seen my gp but told is going to be four years or more !!! So frustrating

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            Still we should think ourselves lucky, being amongst the first humans in our history to have at least the possibility of gender reassignment surgery, and to have it – eventually – done on the NHS. Imagine how it was a thousand years ago.

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            True but still very frustrating do you find dressing fem is enough for you ?

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            No, by no means. I love the feeling of the clothes and putting on makeup and jewellery, I love seeing myself look kind of feminine in the mirror, but I hate that I still have a male body underneath. I really dislike having to shave my face, chest and legs, although I know some women have trouble there too and surgery won’t do a great deal for that problem. There aren’t perfect solutions for these, but surgery would be a great help. I suspect you feel the same. Many women, I’m sure, would be baffled by our wish to have bodies like theirs.

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            The thing is you can’t help how you were born, I don’t know about you but I have felt this way from an early age I look down and hate my body parts, I agree dressing in pretty things makes me feel good but need to be a complete woman

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            That must make you very unhappy. I’m a latecomer to realising my transgenderness, not really understanding it until the last couple of years and I’m 55. All you can do is to wait and enjoy life the best you can. Most transgender people alive today don’t have even a waiting list to get on to. If you were wealthy, of course, you’d be at the front of the queue but that’s how capitalism works. It’s tough luck for you and me but there is plenty to take pleasure in despite not having it all.

            Have you worked on feminising your voice? That’s my greatest goal for the moment but I’m confused by the multiple different techniques suggested on YouTube videos. Some of the trans women there have beautifully feminine voices which I would love to hear when I speak. I’m trying but… nowhere near yet.

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            Hi I  must admit I haven’t really thought about the voice,but I will need to at some point I’m 59 so we are not too far apart age wise.

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            Danii, a passably feminine voice would, I think, help you feel a lot more female. Also bear in mind that surgery has many unpleasant complications. I had a look at the page on breast augmentation on this site which will show you it’s not a simple matter.

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            Oh I agree I don’t think any of it will be easy but yes as you say a nice feminine voice would be nice too xx

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