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      I would like to know, how not having taken any estrogen for about 1 month, has affected my body going through transiton?  I have been taking the blockers according to my doctor and I will be meeting with an endocronologist on the 11th of March for the first time, where he/she will discuss the right dose for me, based on the results of the blood drawn and the best way for me to take the estrogen.  Before, I was getting estrogen by injection and my last shot was the 17th of January, because I was given only 2 shots when I got released from prison.  I have a phobia against using needles and couldn’t do the injection myself.  I do notice some changes in my characteristics, that I never had while taking the estrogen.  I used to get the injection in prison every other week.  Is it going to be hard for my body to start getting adjusted to having the estrogen back in it?  I am 65 yrs old and I am concerned how it is going to affect my body, health wise, after that long of not taking estrogen.  Please give me your opinion on this.

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        Miss Cloé

        Vicky, your doctor is your best informed at that.  Even more so if they’re an endocrinologist.  I can only guess that a slow build up to former levels is the right approach.  From experience drastic changes have some shock value to the system and for me it meant hair falling out.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Cloe, yes I did. It was a ‘form letter reply’, and it was all about accepting new patients, waiting lists, etc. I don’t think my email was read since I stated that I was open to provide any info they could use in any research they may be doing; and not that I wished to become a patient. So I took that as they are just over-whelmed. Hugs, Michelle

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      Miss Cloé

      Michelle, did you ever hear back from Dr Powers?

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      Michelle Lawson

      I watched this (for the second time) yesterday, and went through the slides. I was an engineer before retiring 3 years ago, and I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, but this is way over my head. I have another appointment with my hormone therapist in a couple of months, so I am going to start talking with her about Dr. Powers to get her take on things as it may apply to me. I also sent an email to Dr. Powers yesterday, not as an inquiry to become a patient, but to see if there may be any info on me and my situation, that could be of benefit in any research. Hey, if there is something that could benefit other’s, then I’m all for helping. Hugs, Michelle

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      I watched his presentation and was totally impressed with his insights. I go for my 6 month followup on the 31st of march, at that point i am going to ask for a total switch of meds. No more spiroloctone, switching to bicautamide, as suggested by dr powers, injectable estrogen and will argue my case for a slightly more than max dose than WPATH recommends, and switch to gel cap progesterone for suppositories. My clinic is pretty progressive so I dont think it will be that hard a sell. If nothing else they will have a new guinnea pig for better treatment options. Thanks for posting the link, I know your not abdictating for it or against it. But after listening to it, and reading tons of other articles i think its well worth a try. Besides, they all promote breast developement and we all know how important that is.

      Thanks again

      Hugs Traci Lynn

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        Hi Tracy Lynn,

        You might want to consider getting a prescription for Progesterone rectal suppositories using a bio-identical. I was taking the gel caps orally and they are quite thick and would take quite a bit of time to dissolve. The suppositories can be made by a compounding pharmacy and can even be purchased on line with a prescription. wishing you all the best on your journey.



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      Miss Cloé

      Forgot I had posted this here.  I ended up making an article out of it at V’s suggestion.  https://transgenderheaven.com/is-your-physical-transition-languishing/

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      Michelle Liefde

      Cloe, thank you for posting both links.  If nothing else, this was informative.  I got a lot of listening and reading what he had to say.  I may need to revisit them again.


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