Emotional Tolls

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    Johna Melius

    Hi everone.  I have found that once I had accepted Myself.  It allowed me to be able to feel and now I am learning to be woman that has been fighting to get out.  Crying at a movie, allowing life to pluck your heartstrings.  Just accepting myself was a big thing and then having friends see the new me and not wanting her to go away because they see me now.  My wife is struggling with it, but we don’t want to loose each other.  I now have my nails sone, my toes are painted I wear women’s pants, panties, cami’s and make up almost every day and I get to carry a purse.  It’s almost heaven.  Sorry what girl. Doesn’t start to ramble. ,  toodles for now Johna

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
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    Keep rambling Johna!  I’m loving living it full time and sometimes I just keep going too.

    Hugs, Cloe!

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 


    Hi Johna….pleased to meet you. Yes….it is is quite a change to become femme. We have the emotional baggage from our malehood and the repressed emotions of a female. The change can be earth shattering. I was a male for many years and just got tired of it all. I am much happier as a female (too old to undergo transition now) but I know many people who have and most of them are glad of the change. As for your wife…..I do suggest that she read some of the literature and books found on Amazon Kindle e-book site. Knowledge of the subject and personal stories and feelings about it provide much needed info to understand the situation. Love and partnership has no effect on what the body looks like….it is a mental thing….if I love somebody it does not matter whether their body is male/female/scarred/broken and what not….it is their mind and being that I want.

    I hope everything works out OK. My door is always open to you sweetie.

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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