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      When starting Testosterone, Is it a good idea to pump growth? Does anyone know if it really helps to enlarge the growth for much better sensitivity after bottom surgery?

      Information in case some of you may not know, While on testosterone your growth (clitoris) becomes very sensitive, To help with with the uncomfortable feeling or, for some, annoying painful feeling. I learned, you can get relief by wearing a sport cup to protect it from any rubbing from your clothing. I have just started on T-hormone yesterday. So haven’t yet experienced that feeling. I going try to make a cup using old bra padding inserts, when it happens to me. I really don’t know if it will work. lol But I will try if it does, I’ll save my self few dollars.

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      Hi Jace!

      Congratulations on starting your Testosterone hormone replacement therapy!  You have started an epic adventure like no other in transitioning.   Every ftm experience is different, however, so you will have to take it as it comes, day by day.

      Bottom growth and libido like you may have never before experienced begins almost immediately and is noticeable in the first few weeks to months.  Your mileage will vary as to size and rate of bottom growth.  Genetics play a major part in this.

      For me, I believe that an additional topical T cream for the clitoris/T-penis helped with my growth as well as the masculine psychosexual bonding and alignment with my changing body.

      I never dreamed that some relief of dysphoria could be so spiritually and personally uplifting.  It has been part of the epicness of the journey, for sure.  Not that there aren’t pitfalls and difficulties, but I expected those.  Things like shortened lifespan, cardiovascular risks, and baldness are examples of potential downsides.

      For me it has been more than worth it.  If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help

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      Thank you Charlie. For that awesome reply. I will certainly look into getting some T cream I am experiencing bottom growth and libido very quickly I didn’t think it would be this quick. Also notice one dark whisker on the side of my chin yesterday, which wasn’t there before, Thought to my self well that was quick. I’m not even full 2 weeks on HRT. But it did make me smile. If I have any questions I be sure to ask you. I will give serious thought to any advice I get, knowledge from persons who have been though this or are going though this and further along then my self is helpful and appreciated.

      Thank you again Charlie.


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      Night mare story: In US, not medically advised. I ended up with a hematoma that was the volume of 1.5″ x 3″ that ruptured at the very top of my clitoris and required an emergency room visit and temporary damage to a nerve route. It was excruciatingly painful…I was having involuntary muscular contractions all over my body due to the pain when I went to the ER. It took 1 month to heal, and 3 weeks off Testosterone.

      I know many recommend this for sexual pleasure, but it is anatomically and physically impossible to increase clitoral length…the lesson I got to learn with my Emergency room visit and follow up care.

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