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      Hello again everyone…I apologize in advance for posting something here again about a similar topic but I have been trying to find some help here in the Atlanta Georgia area and still have not had much luck…I posted a few times here a couple of months ago in the hopes of finding out about any possible local transgender support groups that I and my girlfriend might be able to join because we are simply hoping to make new friends and find out what type of resources might be available to help us as, we are desperately trying to find a new place to live and thought it might be a good idea if we could meet someone who is both understanding and open-minded to the idea of possibly sharing a place with us and expenses…We tried the suggestions a few of you graciously posted in response to the last time I posted here but it seems like there just aren’t any current active transgender support groups in this area and I really just do not understand why…I would think there is a genuine need for a place where people can go to meet new people, share experiences, make friends, have various resources available, etc…

      I have done numerous searches for TG friendly groups here in the Atlanta area and the same ones keep popping up…One is called the North Fulton TG Group and they have yet to answer my e-mails or return my phone calls after I left a message…The other groups seem to be focused on very specific groups like teenagers only or things like that…I used to be a member of Atlanta Gender Explorations many years ago and lost touch with them but I found their number and called to talked with a member still answering the phone…She told me that they were holding meetings up until a couple of years ago but stopped because she said everyone began to feel scared to come…Whatever that means as she wasn’t very specific.

      Anyway as I said, I apologize for posting again asking for help but I honestly didn’t see the harm in trying again…As I’ve mentioned before, I am a transgendered M-to-F in my late 50’s and have been living full-time for over 25 years…My girlfriend is female of similar age and we have been together for a long time…The problem is that we are both disabled living on Social Security, our credit is not that great and we are currently living in an apartment where they keep raising the rent to the point where we can just barely get by each month and seriously need to find a new place to live very soon…We have been really hoping that somehow we could meet with and make friends with another woman or TG that would be open to the idea of sharing a home with us and expenses but we just do not know where to look to find someone…In a city as big as Atlanta I would think there would be plenty of people who fit this description who would be open to the idea of sharing a place with a female couple or maybe even someone who already has a place that can rent us a room but again, where do we look?…How do we go about finding anyone if there are no groups in this area to meet people and make new friends?…We are both friendly, sincere, and very easy to get along with so I do honestly believe we have a lot of positive things to offer if someone would simply give us a chance.

      Well, thanks for listening everyone and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would sincerely appreciate any help that you can offer…Take care and have a wonderful day…Sincerely Sheila and Gayle.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Shelia, if you check out our Local Places listings for the Atlanta area, there are four places we have listed. And I understand, that as a veteran, Tia probably sent you a Private Message on how to join the MilSpec Group we have here for veterans, that contains all sorts of good support info. And if the Local Places don’t pan out, send me a Private Message and I can do some more digging. Hugs, Michelle

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      Hi Sheila,

      I’ll take a look and reach out to some connections I have in the Atlanta area.  I can say there is a trans conference coming up in August in Atlanta. https://www.atlantacomfortconference.org/.  You may even be able to contact people associated with the conference to see if they know of any local resources.


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      Wish I could help.  Sucks being lonely.

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      Thank you Cloe and Michelle…We really appreciate the help and suggestions…Will definitely follow up on these and let you know as we are trying everything we can think of to find a new place to live as soon as possible…Hopefully we will soon be looking back on all of this with a nice sigh of relief as this is such a stressful thing to be dealing with especially with summer coming up…Thank you again so much for your kindness and understanding…Take care and have a great day!…Hugs, Sheila and Gayle

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