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      I have at last began to try and achieve a female voice. But after watching YouTube videos about exercises and reading webpages. I’m completely lost. I don’t know what to begin with and how to follow through with it to the end.

      Has anyone here already started to change their voice? Do you have any advice on words of wisdom? Any help would be appreciated.

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      Toni Floria

      What a great question  I just speak in a higher octave when conversing  but would love to learn more on this topic.

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Hi Lucia, I can talk to you about my journey, I have transitioned and live as a woman 24/7 and speak in a feminine voice. Here is a link to one online course that covers all the basics:

      Take a look, and if you want, you can PM me and we can chat.

      Hugs girl,

      Ms. Lauren M

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        As someone who has been struggling to find effective ways to feminise my voice, thankyou for linking to this site. I had not seen it before, and it looks to be practical and systematic, which others aren’t.

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      [postquote quote=141141]
      That looks very good! I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing 😀

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      Phone app: Christella VoiceUP is a great place to start.  Has a mini program to get you the basics.

      Phone app: Voice Tools is a great practice tool as well.

      I did Melanie Phillips program back in the day but I do not think you can get it any more.

      There used to be a very good girl on YouTube but she closed her channel, I am sure there are others, but the real key is once you can get to where you want you need to practice little bits daily till you can use your voice all the time and switch at will. It will sound strange to your ear at first till you think in your new voice. So best to record your self and play back as this give a better perspective with no overlapping thoughts.

      Also for vocal health during practice I suggest at least lemon honey tea or better yet use a product like Voice37 by Clyor, I used this one and it really make a difference, it helps for speakers and singers too.

      Hope this helps.



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        Lauren Mugnaia

        Thank you Miriya, excellent advice for Lucia! I have a friend who is a trans girl and a voice coach. She also coaches singers and teaches them how to find where their best resonance is, as she says that resonance is the most important thing to master – not pitch! She recommends practicing every day and recording your voice so you can monitor the changes.
        After awhile your larynx will become used to you speaking in a feminine voice and that voice becomes your natural voice, as you say, you start thinking in that voice.


        Ms. Lauren M

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        Thanks for the advice. I already have both of those apps on my phone :). I was going to buy the first module on VoiceUP, but the voicestylist videos seem very easy for me to practice and I want to try that each day for a while first. I may still buy the voiceUP module 1 but not yet.

        Out of all the videos I’ve watched, Voice stylist and VoiceUP seem to be the easiest for me so far. I also like to use Voice Tools to see what pitch female voices that I like are. I feel I can finally make some progress slowly :).

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