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    Stephanie Kennedy

    I am looking for advice to best help my hands look a little more feminine. I just hate my hands. It does not matter how feminine I dress or feel . I look at my hands and get depressed.  They are not very big but just too wide.. I had lunch with a woman I met while shopping.  She started her transition two years ago. She is a very lovely woman both inside and out. We just enjoy talking about anything and everything. I noticed her hands .. Her nails wear done not very long but really pretty. She like me had man hands. I did not bring the subject up. Is there any other woman here have the same issue and how did you deal with it.



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      Miss Cloé

      I have smallish hands, but they still have the wide look when laid out flat. So I usually just slightly cup my hand and turn the thumb under, kind of like cupping a small marble in the palm. It helps me visually perceive them smaller and as a bonus somewhat diminishes the veins I developed from decades of having to rely on grip over grasp. YMMV

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      Claire D

      Unfortunately, unless a trans woman starts transition pre-pubescent, it’s a problem most of us face. Coping with the associated dysphoria varies from person to person. For me, delicate jewelry seems to help. A trans friend of mine prefers chunky jewelry and feels like it makes her hands seem more feminine. Every time I think about it though, I remember the scene from Sleepless in Seattle where Bill Pullman gives Meg Ryan the engagement ring and says “It was my mother’s. I had them size it down. She had really fat fingers.” Which reminds me of something my therapist said to me about just blaming it on genetics. Of course, I’m still waiting for the opportunity to slide “I survived testosterone poisoning” into conversation. Anyway, yeah, for me, keeping my nails manicured and wearing dainty jewelry helps. You just gotta find what works for you.

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      Hello Stephanie

      You have very good advice in the answers of your post. I just only add that you can use fashion as help to attract attention where you want and get off it from your hands. For example use only narrow rings and not as many, maybe you can use pretty bracelets as they make the sensation of thinner arm and hands. The same with watch. And be careful with the nail color you use when do manicure, maybe is not a good idea use garish or strong colors.

      I hope this few experiences help you.



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      Completly agree DeeAnn, transition is already to hard to focus in thing we never can change as hands, foots, shoulders.

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      As a Man my hands & feet have tended to be the source of great amusement to my friends etc. You know the old sayings. Anyway, as out turns out for me, the other implications, while true aren’t of any concern now, & having small hands & feet would seem to be something of a bonus. Losing a bit of chubbiness off my fingers might be a good thing though.

      I’ve known several genetic females who have much larger hands than I, but never really thought of them as being masculine.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I think it is important to remember that the size of you hands is not something that you can fix. Undo focus on them isn’t helpful. Beyond a good lotion and a nice manicure (I don’t do press-on) there isn’t much else to do. However, what you can do is redirect that energy into something that you can change…

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      Hi Angela i was just having one of those hyper – critical days. I am learning if its not my hands its my waist
      A month ago it was my hair after i let my hair dresser talk me into cutting my hair shorter. Thank you i was just having a bad hands day ha ha

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      Hi Stephanie,

      I shave my hands and wear press on nails. French manicure type. I’ve gotten a few compliments on my nails from a few friends. The long nails help me feel.i have more feminine hands.



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      Hi Justine Thank you for your advice. You are right . I was just being a little crazy. Some days every thing is ok and I like my self and other days everything bothers me. I hope HRT will help me with this emotional roller coaster.Today its my waist . I went shopping for moisturizer yesterday its crazy. I could of spent a hundred dollars if i bought everything i wanted. I still have to work with my hands hopefully not much longer.I ruin every manicure. I tried longer nails there is always one that has to break or chip the first couple of days. My hands are the least of my problems.I guess there is always something to complain about. Thank you for taking the time to respond luv Stephanie

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      Take care of your skin, hand cream. remove any hair. Take care of your nails, grow them out if you can. and wear jewelry. I also found that in loosing weight my fingers became thinner and as a result looked a bit more feminine.

      Look at other genetic women’s hands. You will find that there is a wide range and quite a few women do have larger or more manly hands…so do not get too stressed about it.

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      Hi Stephanie you are right.it the grand picture the only one that really cares about my man hands is me. These hands have provided a good living for two generations of people and still do. I should take care of them with lots of moisturizer and a manicure. Thank you for that simple reminder luv Stephanie

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      There is only so much any of us can do with the bodies we have as a result of our growth and maturing over the years.  Some things can not be changed with hormones or surgery.  Take care of your skin and get a nice manicure from time to time.  Don’t hate your hands.  They are part of you.

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