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    Therese McKnight

    Hi Everyone

    I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. I have been considering getting some FFS. I think it stands for Face Feminization Surgery. My nose was broken from the fights I used to get into and I snore. My wife loves the idea of fixing the snoring, and I thought two birds with one stone. Has anyone done this sort of thing? You hear all these horror stories I hate to wake up  with a Michael Jackson nose.
    What’s your experience with this?

    all my best



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      Joan Michaels


      Can’t see your forehead and hairline; You have female eyebrows, no eyebrow ridge and a oval face, such a blessing

      Some do and some don’t


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      Joan Michaels


      American Board of Plastic Surgeons current certification that way the patient won’t get botched.



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      JaiymeLynne Rogers


      Rhinoplasty is in my future, for sure. my nose takes a wicked turn as well, from when a buddy socked me 40 years ago (wow). FFS would be great too. But also hair replacement on my head. I’d love to grow out my own hair. Anything to look and feel more feminine can’t be bad. If it’s not too painful, of course…lol..


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      Lee H

      I’m lucky to  have that soft round face, plus I start lazer hair removal this week with I’m really excited about. So we’ll see after that.

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      Dawn J


      I’ve been told that I already have a very feminine face. In fact, some people are surprised that I can even pass as male. I just want to look younger.



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      Leeza Lovett


      Two words, one name, Dolly Parton. Apparently now you can have a perfect nose forever. Go for it girlfriend, you only live once.

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      Anne Preuss


      Hi Therese.   You are correct regarding FFS is an acronym for Facial Feminization Surgery.   Regarding the nose, I too, had a badly broken nose that was from an ice skating accident many years ago.  I had severe difficulty breathing through one side as a result but put up with it all these years.  Finally, I said enough and consulted with a nose surgeon.  During the consultation, an assistant took pictures of my face/nose from various angles.  The pictures were submitted along with the paperwork from the surgeon’s office to my insurance company for approval.  My insurance provider is United Healthcare, one of the worst providers out there.  They rejected my/the doctor’s submission for approval, trying to force the costs back upon me, saying it was all cosmetic.  Their position that the surgery was cosmetic was ridiculous considering how badly my nose was broken and the internal damage.  This required the surgeon to resubmit for review by the insurance company’s people, each time going higher up the chain.  I was rejected twice until it went for review by a doctor for the insurance company who commented that it was ridiculous that I was initially rejected twice.  So the insurance company’s doctor gave approval and I finally went for surgery.  The repair required that the surgeon rebreak my nose to reset the bone structure.  He also repaired the septum.  I did request and got some minor cosmetic work done/included.  Getting the nose surgery (rhinoplasty) was the best thing I ever did.  I breathe so well now and my nose does look a bit more feminine but do keep in mind that what the surgeon can do is dependent upon the bone and cartilage structure of your nose.  What the surgeon did to Michael Jackson is a travesty.  IMO, MJ’s surgeon should have lost his license to practice.  Anyway, I don’t think you need to worry about winding up with an MJ nose.  Keep in mind that MJ went back several times to achieve that nose.  If you have any questions about my experience, feel free to message me.



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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      Hi Therese.  I’m looking at a rhinoplasty to as mine has a “wicked dogleg to the left” making it almost impassable to air.  I’ve had two MD’s tell me they think it would at least in part be covered by insurance for that reason alone.  I’d just be sure to have it look more feminine when it’s done.  I may have some chin work done too, but all my friends are begging me not to do much else.  I’d like to do something about the orbits though.  They create a male family characteristic hooded eye.  A few said I could use a brow shave, but I’ve seen pretty cis women with just about as much.  I kinda want to follow the less is more approach and look unique rather than like some cookie cutter mold.

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