Fighting the devil to a draw, and where I’ve been…..

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    Tiffany Alexis

    Hey y’all, just wanted to say hi, and explain why I’ve vanished for the most part. First, I love you all and miss you. Second, I’m stuck at work, which is as an ER doc. We are in a bad outbreak (Louisiana) and plain and simple I have been in survival mode the last 35 days. I am as frontline as it gets. I’ve seen 80+ cases and as of this morning put 25 or 26, cant remember exactly, on vents. I have seen many die. Some have recovered. It’s still peaking here, just started peaking actually, so I’ve a few dark weeks to go. But I will be back in full capacity at some point, long as I don’t like die or something.
    See, that’s not going to happen tho. Cause I’ve got a team of badasses working with me. We are 34 days into our outbreak here, 34 days since first contact, and sustained contact, and we have not had one single ER doc, nurse, or tech, or an ICU doc, nurse, or tech, go down. No ones gotten COVID. Only 1% of the hospitals in the world can make that claim. I am so damn proud of my team.
    At the beginning I thought we would fall. I thought this was a last stand. Louisiana was going to go down. The projections and odds, overwhelming. But we aren’t going to go down. We are going to hold. Cause I get to stand with the damn Spartans of the medical world, except unlike the Spartans, sometimes we win.
    It’s getting better y’all. I’ve faced this bull crap bug 6 inches away 25+ times and lived. This quarantine sucks, but it’s working. If we keep it up, we can survive. Then we can worry about the economy. The good news is then we will be worrying about the economy. Not about dying. One thing at a time, eat the elephant one bite at a time.
    Just wanted to let y’all know where I’ve been, and that I’ll be back. And to maybe bring a little bit of hope. Cause there is some.

    Sometimes we win

    Black night gives way to dawn

    Hope rises and fear falls

    Things can be put back together

    But people can’t be replaced

    We fight for each other

    Our treasures: our family and friends

    Stay strong

    United we stand, fall we shall not.

    Also, screw you once again COVID. With wasp covered cacti.

    All the love in the world,


    My heart is in the game

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      Christina Miller


      Wow! That is amazing! It is awesome to see you fighting the good fight out there and winning. Fantastic job! You have all my respect. People like you make the world a better place.

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      Tiffany Alexis


      Doesn’t let you reply to individual posts here?

      My heart is in the game

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      Tiffany Alexis


      Well, if you can have the courage to be transgender and embrace it, a stupid little virus doesn’t stand a chance…..

      My heart is in the game

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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      You’re an amazing woman, showing so much grace and courage in the greatest challenge of our generation. A heroine in our midst.

      Love and Hugs, Cloe

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      Tessa Cee


      I’m sure I speak for many here at TGH thanking you for your hard work, good energy and service to all during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Transgender people do make a difference!

      Love, Tessa

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