Florida FTM in need of people to talk to

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    Sam Taylor

    Im new to Florida. I’ve been prepping myself for a long while to finally commit to go to therapist to start hormone therapy. But my happiness comes at the price of losing a lot of people i love. I need advice. I need people who have been through it to help remind me that change is good. And maybe one day family will learn to accept my new face. I understand they will feel like they are losing some one cuz they will never see that old face again. I get it. I just hope when i start this journey that i won’t feel so completely alone.

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     Kate Atkinson 


    Hi Sam,


    I am transgender FTM. I was wondering how you found a therapist; do they specialize in gender? I am questioning if I want to medically transition. What inspired you to start medically transitioning? I also do not have full family support and this may impact my inability to want to transition medically.



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    I live in va but we can be online friends. My name is xander i am ftm. I am just getting started on my journey. I also need friends and a support system. I have my mom and my oldest brother. But the rest of the family thinks I am making a mistake. They refuse to call me xander. Short for Alexander. So they call me my birth name Jenny.

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     Don Ingram 


    Sam.    Change is always good s long as you are the one making the change and the  change you make, makes you happy. You live your  life  to the fullest and the way you want to live it  Sometimes it takes other people a little time to accept change. Just remember, life is to short to worry what other people think, all that matters is, what makes you happy.

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     Captain Dionysus 


    Hi Sam,

    If you ever get up Orlando way, my best friend is gender questioning and it is something she sometimes talks to me about. Born genetically female, she always hated all things “girly,” wanted boy toys, and wouldn’t wear a dress and heels if her life depended on it. She’s met a lot of MTF folks through me but has never really met and talked to someone like you, who I think she could relate to. She had a lot of trouble coming out as gay years ago, she’s quiet and reserved, but has great compassion and empathy.

    Let me know if you ever do come up this way and maybe we could all get together and chat.

    Everyone here knows how to find me 😉

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     Tami C 

    You are NOT alone Sweetheart. I’m glad you are here.

    Love to you


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     Xelyn Craft 


    I’m here for you. I’m also FTM but have not started to physically transition. Maybe we can be there for each other.

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       Sam Taylor 

      1. I would very much like that. Eelyn Craft
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     Marianne Ferrara 


    All change is good.

    This particular path is not easy, and we lose people not because of who we are, but because of who they are. Change is no easy to take in; they have a big issue realising that we are still the same good person with the same love and the same feelings, that we are still a little girl longing to be hugged and an adult taking a deep breath before going in.

    Time allows to take perspective and understanding, what seems painful now, will start to look better in the future, and as Stephanie said, people will come around.

    Stay strong and keep the faith.

    With love,


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     Stephanie Jones 


    People come around,  Gurl. They will realize at some point that they have to revise their attitudes, or lose you.


    A school friend of mine came out 10 years ago, and was, no doubt painfully,  rejected by her best friend since grade 3. Now they are bests again…. some things are challenged and stand the test of change.


    All my best,


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