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    Holly Rose
      <li style=”text-align: center;”>Okay this is just a brief as Holly as Holly. I’ve never done this before so bear with me if it seems to lag on. Recently I went to Michigan to visit My grandson. And if people know me, they realize that I’m what up to 18 months at HRT. Hooray! But this is my first time going back to my hometown . As Holly I was excited. I was scared I was nervous. I was fretting. I wanted to show everybody what had done yet there was a bit of undertone of. Wonderment. When I say wonderment let me explain that term for me. For me. That means I have great fascination and wondering of what’s particularly going on or what has taken place or how things will be done. I experienced all of that when I realized I’m going back to my hometown as Holly. And is scared and worried and nervous as I was. I didn’t let it stop me. Now granted I didn’t get glammed up for the trip there. I felt there was no need to draw any more attention to myself than I already do. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have done that. But unfortunately I’ve let people dictate how I should feel and how I should act in public. Because of the stigma that comes along with it.

    I was very nervous about security. Oh my gosh they’re going to see that she’s got bras and panties in her suitcase and what if they go through it and they find my estrogen in a vial with needles? Oh my lions and tigers and bears. Or worse the people back in the security going through my suitcase and not liking my makeup. Now for personal I was very concerned that they were going to do a strip search on me because well they couldn’t make out exactly what I was doing. And as a transgendered person I think that’s the last thing I want anyone to do. Pat me down to see what I’m about. So when I got to the security line and they go through your carry-on luggage by that I mean x-ray your luggage. The gentleman that was doing my intake for my luggage said to me quietly ask them to give you the light x-ray so you don’t have to get patted down. I was very excited to hear this. For one reason that meant I didn’t have to worry about anybody touching me. And the other thing. Maybe I can get the glimpse of what I look like underneath my clothes. It turns out on my worries and all my concerns. We’re pretty much not really there at the airport they were all on me. So my takeaway on all of this is be you look into what you’re getting into, whether it’s flying across the country or flying to another country. Be diligent and learning what the rules are or else you could end up like me wanting to pull your hair out cuz you’re worried about everything.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Frankly, I do not plan on flying anytime in the future. Not the ‘transgender’ related stuff, but just the logistics, cost, and the hassle. The flight booking, the added fees, what you can, and cannot take, how the luggage is treated, check-in vs. carry-on, airport arrival 2 hours before departure, wait times to get off the ground, issues in the air…… The list is endless, and it is so much easier to either drive there, or take a train. Unless you are traveling overseas……. Then, not so much of a choice. Ship maybe…. Michelle

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      Aren’t nerves a wonderful thing? Good for you. Airports suck at the best of times anyway.

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