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      If you’re not a smoker, I’m not about to try to convince you to start, in fact, I’ll try to discourage it. But if you are a smoker…

      I am a smoker (shame on me!), plus, I work at a smoke shop. I feel it worth mentioning that well over 50% of my female customers smoke 100’s, sometimes 120’s, where almost all of my male customers smoke shorts. This is because men tend to me more impatient than women and want their fix quicker, and to get the task over with, where women not only enjoy their fix too, they take the time to enjoy it. I would encourage those here who are smokers to not only smoke longer cigarettes, but to make it a point to enjoy them slowly. I feel it’s more feminine.

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      Interesting post Laurettte, with respect I think smoking is very unladylike.

      I personally have never smoked, my parents didn’t either, but my sister, grandmother and aunt all did.

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        The best  way to quit smoking is to never start in the first place. It’s so addictive@

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          You never said a truer word Laurette


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            Terri M

            One of the things I am proud of is that none of my 5 children smoke and that Hopefully my grandchildren (9) will not smoke either.

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      I am a former smoker. My last smoke was April 7 2013 and I did it the hardest way possible.

      I quit cold turkey in a house full of smokers

      Yep, I stayed quit, I guess you can say I am a quitter. But this time its in a good way


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      I quit because I read that smoking downgraded the effects of HRT plus I was diagnosed with lymphoma a couple of months after taking my first estrogen tablet.


      I spent 3 days in hospital, where I couldn’t smoke, using patches to hold back the cravings then when I was released I spent the next week lighting the same cigarette, taking one small puff and carefully stubbing it out again.


      It was unfortunate that chemotherapy also delayed the physical effects of the HRT for a couple of years but now after 4 and a half years I am very happy with my C cup breasts.


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      I may never get a date after this reveal!

      I smoked since I was 12 yo.  I had quit in 2010 and was proud of myself for doing it.   But only after 5 years, I took it up again!   Why?  I was dealing with too much stress in my life from every direction.  From family quarrels over my late mother’s estate, to job and boss situations.   Oh, should I mention the number of people who were sad to learn I started again?

      I got into a relationship with a cis-female who wanted me as I am (transgender).  But we had an argument a while back and I told her “by the way, I am a smoker”.  I thought she would dump me for sure knowing that, but it did not.  She accepted it and said she would help me to quit when I’m ready to do it.  On to plan B.  It was stressing me out that she was always asking me for monetary help.  I needed to distance myself from her or go broke.

      I’ve acquired a load of cessation patches for that day when I will quit, and it will be when I’m seriously involved with someone new.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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