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    i think back often lately of my first exposure to cross dressing lately as I move to full time femininity. It was 1962 on the California central coast. We lived in a small tract of houses on a remote Mesa just east of the ocean. Dad worked construction and mom was a sixties wife…with a caveat, she would dress dad in the evening. While my little bro watched tv I watched her apply makeup and turn dad into a woman. I still remember wanting that too. Well dad got work out of town and mom was hanging out at a girlfriends house a lot. One day soon after dad left we were there and mom was talking about wanting a girl to dress up. Her friend had a daughter my age who was my only friend in that remote housing tract. It was that day mom decided I would be her daughter. So out came two dresses one in pink with a white blouse and the other in gingham blue with a white bow, the one I got to wear. I can remember being so happy I was going to like my friend Ruth! First a pair of panties then the pretty dress. Mom and Jan were really getting giggly and I think they were using amphetamines.  But whatever the makeup came out and we were dolled up in heavy makeup then left to our own devices. Ruth and I both laughed at our faces in the mirror but part of me loved it to the core. My dad would be gone off and on for the next two yrs and during that time I was a little girl. Then my grandad found out and there was a big stink. He never really was very warm to me after. And dad did not dress at night again. But I would hold the memories tight for the rest of my life. When I hit puberty I knew I was different as while very attracted to women sexually  I also wanted to look and act like them.  This would never change and fifty plus yrs late I am that girl in gingham and feel that feeling that came so long ago and lived in me never fading as reality not memory.

    Besos chicas. MariaBella

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     Danielle Fox 


    Oh Maria dear,

    I shudder to think of what may have happened to you. If you need to talk you just PM me. I am a good listener and sometimes I can even write a short reply, like this one. Be safe dear. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗


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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 


    Maria…….I just love your stories, my sister….what a great life you live.!

    Looking forward to many more….just charming.  How about writing an article or two?

    Love……..Dame Veronica.

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      Thank you so much love! I would love to write more about this life and will be submitting some things soon. For one having my love read things I have trouble giving voice has helped so much. I do not relive things before trying to discuss and it just goes better. She will be reading this tonight as it is a piece of my childhood omitted but relevant to our life now. She read the story of my mothers friends dressing me as their sex toy and she cried for me. As while I was in a pink fog of young sexual experience at the time their attentions did leave marks of another kind that I carry. I have never told her the full extent of my stepfathers abuses.I have never shared them with anyone. That MUST change and I must tell someone the full story. Not here as this is a support system not a horror show and not to my wife who would be scarred by what she learned. Yes life has been beyond interesting and has bordered on horrifying at times but that said Ihave experienced a very full life and done some things many others only read about. I cannot and will not complain the bad and the good have lead me to a place that is becoming not just good but great. No not perfect but free of baggage that was killing me and working on purging the rest with therapy. There is a book in me and one day soon it will be written. When it is there is a chapter on a old scared littlegirl who stumbled onto a web site in a pink fog and was given hope by some wonderful ladies.
      Bless you Veronica and Besos Mucho

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