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    I was wondering if anyone in the UK has had experience of Gender Care?(see

    The wait for the first appointment at a GIC was a couple of years minimum before Covid happened, I dread to think what it will be afterwards, so I am looking to see what the private sector can offer.   I have spoken to someone who had seen Dr Lorimer once and was happy with the outcome, but has anyone seen the other specialists?

    Oh, and just to see, how many people here are from the UK?  Is it worth setting up a new group for us?

    much happiness,


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      A UK topic group would be useful. Perhaps Admin could advise?
      There are issues that are country specific and also very different. The UK is relatively small: gender centre wise. I only know of half a dozen centres in the whole UK, and private only two (there may be others?) The NHS is national so all of England is the same …all doctors follow the same rules. We do have the option of EU private as Europe is pretty close by US standards. Lots of things are available I’m sure.

      There is also the time difference, meaning the US/Canada/Australia are all asleep when the UK is awake. Makes for rather lonely forums and chats.

      While all of us at Tg are under the same umbrella and that is wonderful, country based knowledge would be of a great help.

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      Marianne Tornander

      UK is not alone in having long waiting lines for gender care. The same goes for Sweden and here are no private alternatives for gender care even if you should have the money to pay for it. I have waited almost two years to start seeing a therapist and will probably have to wait at least another six months. After that there will be one year of theraphy sessions and one year of living full time as a woman before I can get HRT and other procedures.

      Marianne Tornander

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      Hi, I am so sorry to hear that their is such a wait to be helped, I really don’t know what I would.                       I thought when I finally desisted to make the move to do HRT it would take months, I called, made the appointment to see the Dr., a week later I was on HRT.  Maybe you could go on line and talk to US doctor, since everything on line these days. Just thinking that every deserves to be helped.

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      My name is Keith and I live in the UK after speaking with my GP I still haven’t been referred to a GIC Appointment all that’s happened is I’ve been put on repeat prescription of anti-depressants. I don’t know what to do I’m struggling day to day let alone having to wait 2 years for an appointment.

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        Hi Keith

        This reply is a long while after your post. I hope you’ve been successful in getting in line for a GIC appointment. My GP referred me right away, although the likely waiting time is at least four years. Yes, four. How are you getting on?

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        DeeAnn Hopings


        Two suggestions for you…

        I see that you haven’t done a post in the Introductions forum. I encourage you to do that and also to complete your Profile page as best you can. Both of these serve to give other members a sense of your journey, how you feel about it, your next challenges, etc.

        Also, if you click on Social in the menu, you will see a link for Member Directory. Once there you can search for other members in the UK…

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      About 12 years ago my wife had a bicycle accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury (SCI). Over the years, thanks to the internet, she is in contact with other SCI patients all over the world. I’ve heard many sad stories about the timeliness of health services in the UK. Sorry that this extends to gender care also…

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