Gender Euphoria! A Moment in Time.

How did your first experience of Gender Euphoria make you feel?

Describe how your first experience of Gender Euphoria felt.

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  • 6 It was Euphoric Utopia
  • 5 It was Amazing
  • 4 An Inner glow moment
  • 3 It made my day
  • 2 Definitely Affirming
  • 1 Mildly affirming
  • None of the above.
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    Gender Euphoria is a psychological condition which consists of comfort or even joy when thinking about one’s true Gender identity, often accompanied by a strong desire to change one’s sex to better match their identity or to be called the correct gendered language.

    Euphoria can be focused upon bodily attributes or treatment from others.

    Hello fellow TGH-ians It’s time again for the monthly poll.
    One of the aspects of Gender Euphoria centers around the treatment from others, With this months poll i’d like to discuss just how it felt the first time you experienced it.

    For myself it was not from a Friend or Family member that was privy to my transition and was trying to be nice or understanding but rather a stranger in the supermarket who politely asked his two Sons to make way for “The Lady” as I approached them down the isle.
    It was all I could do to contain my elation until I had passed them but the feeling is one I’ll certainly never forget.
    So have you experienced it ? If so rate how it felt in our poll and feel free to tell your own Euphoric moment.
    I’ll keep the poll very simple with number 6 being Extreme Euphoric Utopia and with number One being mildly affirming.
    Your individual stories would paint a truer poll but lets see where it goes.
    As always your insights may help others that are following in your brave footsteps.

    This is obviously the last Poll for 2019 so I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season.
    Hugs and Love Cami xx

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      Maya Brooks


      For me the most gender euphoric moment i have had is when my friend sent me a voice message starting with “Hi Maya” 🤗

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      Tiffany Alexis
      Managing Ambassador


      Mine was two weeks ago. I was driving back from New Orleans, where I’d just spent three days as myself, and I’d just finished coming out to my family, who were awesomely accepting. I was talking to my brother, whom was the first to know, about a month prior. We were talking about my upcoming visit with them this month, where they will meet Tiff for the first time. He proceeded to tell me that he had explained what trans was to his kids, and that his daughter, who is seven, couldn’t wait to meet aunt Tiff. And it truly sunk in then. I’m actually doing this. I’m getting to finally live my lifelong dream. Got a long way to go, but there’s going to be family that will grow up knowing me as aunt tiff not uncle dude. It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen them, and they will only know the weird redhead 😁.  Earlier in the drive my mom had told me she had changed my name in her phone to tiff too. People that I’ve known my whole life, who have accepted me as a woman, after knowing me for 43 years as a man. People whose opinions I deeply care about, and who I’d feared I would lose, loving me for who I am. It makes me goddamn happy enough to cry.


      We put up with a lot of bad, haters and the like, but sometimes life is beautiful, and the joy and hope and good overpower the bad in majestic fashion. I danced on air for days after that.

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        Brenda Leigh


        I am so happy for you Tiffany!Congratulations and best of luck moving forward!!

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      Brenda Leigh


      Actually, I feel very fortunate to have felt Gender Euphoria on several occasions but there is one time that stands out above the others.

      I had just began to “come out” when a very good friend of mine, a cross country truck driver, called and needed my help. He was broke down on I-17 just south of Flagstaff and needed fan belts that were only available in Phoenix.I had not yet told my friend of my up coming SRS as I felt he would not handle the news well. So, I jumped in my pick up fully en femme, drove to Phoenix and bought the fan belts, then drove to his location on the freeway about 1.5 hours from me. My pick up has limo tinted windows and someone outside my truck cannot see into the truck. As I pulled up next to his semi on the side of the road, I rolled down my window and looked him dead in the eye as I stepped out of my truck in my high heeled boots. He was at a total loss for words!! I handed him the belts and he went to work installing them on his truck without a word spoken between us. Finally, I spoke up and told him what I am doing and he replied, ” I have loved you for who you are and not your gender. Just don’t think I’m taking you out on a date!!” I was so elated, on cloud nine, the endorphines ran thru my body!!!!

      Since that experience, we go out to dinner “as friends” just as we always did and I never hear a negative comment from him about trans or gay people. He has become much more educated and now accepts the fact that there is a third gender in our world.

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