growing up in the beat culture in north beach

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    I grew up in the San Francisco bay area,hung out in north beach in the beat clubs


    It was the birth place of the counter culture. After I returned from 4 years in the navy,and the Vietnam war,I blended back into the San Francisco street scene. When  Andy Warhol brought candy darling into the eye of the changing culture, running with the Angels of Light street  Theater,holly woodlawn who was holly from the song,”walk on the wild side”,you really had to be there. friends that helped shape the transition  I would pass through. The merry pranksters,and allen Ginsburg,doing his thing in north beach.


    hanging out with the sisters of perpetual indulgence,finding my true self.


    And then was born Christina angelica,and the birth pains were ripping.,knowing Bambi Lake and finding my place in the new culture.


    Meeting Janis Joplin in a club down in north beach she grabbed my hunger for severe blues and pulled me into real life.


    hanging out at the boom boom room,blues club run bye  hate when my memory stops working. oh yeh started by John Lee Hooker,being there when the Stones blew in to jam,after their concert at the Oakland coliseum


    that was the best time,and  the beginning.










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    sorry to repeat a video but this is the real video,not just the song.


    being at an age where i may cross into the cosmic at some future time,I would hope my passing would show as much grace as David does in the video.


    i would love to have this video played when I depart.



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    writing something offline,and will post it when I finish,about my gender  nature as gender outlaw as kate bornstein’s book is titled, I will try to lay out my evolution over the years.


    search kates book,it will be informational ib your journey I believe.  sorry about typos kb is messing up a bit.

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    I thought Dame Veronica might like this one written again a long time ago.


    Eye of Salamander, Heart of Newt

    Collections of defences, suit of armor made of glass
    There is no central heating, high above this plane of grass
    Something in the distance, has the odor of the grave
    This is no place for children, even fathers can be brave

    The lightning from its voice, has a motion swift and true
    A dagger of deception, flying straight for you
    Demons have a calling, though not one of greed
    Emancipations whisper, harbors notions of great need

    I am the bringer of conviction, the center of the art
    But only fools will follow me, to the places far apart
    Mansions have their seasons, left alone upon a hill
    Anger is no secret, to the knight who still must kill

    Bring no laughter to this table, it is bitter in its gall
    There is no place for dreaming, in this green room down the hall
    Place your faith in alabaster statues, hid in notches on the wall
    Say a prayer to heal a monster, just a human after all

    Within a box, covered in ebony, a diamond for its key
    Lie the ashes of desire, to be cast silently away at sea
    It is simple in its danger, this parting from the way
    Bring no master to this banquet, but the sinner has to stay

    Call the name of reason, scream it to the stars
    The fault of justice, may impart a meaning, namely ours
    For the sake of the defender, no sound may break his lips
    Not when the anchor has been weighed, from these crimson ships

    Gather a convention, of the brightest and the best
    Send them into the night, to a place they face the test
    A cinema is not the world, a fiction does not ring true
    Going down has no return, not for me and you

    Anunitu (C) 2001

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    another thing I wrote a long time ago.


    Only Dead Roses..

    Framed behind memories, in plastic and glass
    Pressed into service, the moments will pass
    Congress of energy, broken and torn
    Cast upon waters, dark and forlorn
    All this be memory, that fades in the light
    Coming to haunt you only at night
    Flowers are fragile, as beauty must be
    But shadows are waiting close by the sea
    To whisper the secrets, to you and to me
    Of resurrecting the Roses, and setting them free

    White Angel



    it was written for a friend who died

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    Just thought I would drop this in here,it is something i Wrote some time ago.



    From a life newly formed, interaction is the norm
    Over years the rules grow, shaping, shifting,overflow
    At a moment of introspection, we inquire true direction
    Can we ponder re-invention, without the mire of detention

    As a mind that freely flows, can we remain within the rows
    Follow blindly social unction, ever seeking different junction
    passing through contemplation, of a path beyond our station
    so much pressure to be the same, is it just a silly game

    Older, wiser, all alone, marked our path with flesh and bone
    Would I sorrow looking back, always wonder about the lack
    Sitting, dreaming of the things, I have done, spreading wide my wings
    No regretting going my way, i did it all, in the drift and sway

    If a life is truly ours, then we must reach out for the stars
    In the evening of our years, remember laughter, never tears
    never wishing what I could have done, I have flown to touch the sun
    If I fell with melting wings, even so, plunging downward, still my heart sings

    Anunitu (C) 2001

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    This was originally my post,but I have returned in a new incarnation for reasons best left off from discussion.


    Hello Dame Veronica,like in the shinning,:I’mmm.BACK”

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    when i got out of the navy,and confronted my mother about being trans,she being VERY religious did the you will burn in hell  rant on me,it did not make me feel I could share my feelings or be open with anyone for many years,and i am still paranoid about being out with people,why i am, glad for being here

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 

    WOW!  What a trip into the past and best years of my life, trying to bury what I had just spent my last four Nam doing.  Thank you for sharing……..

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      I was trying to help a FTM on a site,but had a hard time explaining to him what it takes to survive in a male world,i mentioned being confronted by a DI in boot,and the need for strong armor against verbal assaults,he had run into taunts in presenting male,felt sorry for him. guy stuff is not for the faint in heart,as is presenting female in transition.

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      I was lucky being in the navy,no in country ground pounding,,met a guy at my first base who was a CB whose entire company was whiped out,he survived by being under all the bodies,he took a long while to get over that,survivors guilt and stuff.

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    Wow, thank you J G!  All I can do is help to keep the momentum rolling.  Knowing how scared I was of dealing with this 25 yrs ago makes me admire how brave you all were even further back.

    With all my love,


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    Here is a bit of history you should know.


    Te Stonewall riots. it used to be you could be arrested being dressed in clothing not meeting your gender ID. it was the street queens that  fought back after being messed with by the police all the time.



    This was the beginning to gay and transgender RIGHTS


    Never forget how we may live without being targeted,also when I was in the navy I worried I might be court marshaled for being trans,some were and were got dishonorable discharges,that hounded them for life. NEVER AGAIN!



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    Watching this video of david bowie makes me cry every time.




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    i found this david bowie video very reflective of the trans life.

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    this is a pic of candy darling if you wondered who she was.



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    meeting and becoming good friends with my soul sister

    Veronica Klaus,who came to visit me in the hospital after my surgery.


    She did her surgery a few years back.


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    John lee shook my growing self to the core.

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