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    Hi ladies.

    I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this condition?

    Let me give you a little bit of background info:

    Ok, I’m not super skinny and am currently carrying a few extra kilos…not as many as a few weeks ago (11 kilos down so far…go me 🙂  )  but I’m not mega fat.  Despite this, I have natural B Cup boobs.

    Going further back in time I was super skinny…like, unhealthily thin level of skinny.  Despite this skinniness, I still had my boobs (pretty much the same size); so it’s definitely not my weight which is causing them.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I love my boobs…just wish they were bigger!  I was, however, wondering if there is a possible connection between having the propensity to naturally grow breasts and transgenderism?  I’m guessing I naturally have higher levels of estrogen but it’s purely that…a guess.

    Does anyone else have similar situations or have information on this topic?  It would be great to know.


    Stacey xx

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      Melanie Taylor


      Hi Stacey

      Although I have not yet started hormone therapy yet, I have small breasts already. This may be due to steroids that I have taken in the past for a muscle condition I have. I also had a blood test not so long ago that confirmed I produce less than a quarter of the testosterone that I should for a “typical 47 year old male”. It could be that I’ve had very low male hormone counts since I reached puberty. I’m not unhappy about it and I’m sure it explains a few things too.

      I’ve not taken steroids for a few years now and my breasts remain at about a B cup. I’m hoping I will get to be a C cup, I don’t really want to get any bigger though it might not work like that.

      Love from Melanie xx


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        Hi Melanie

        Thanks for the response.

        You’ve definitely given me some food for thought regarding testosterone levels.  I’ve never had a test for that but maybe I should?  As you say, it could explain a few things.  Like you, if I do have a low testosterone count, finding that out would not be the worst news to hear…the lower the better 🙂

        I hope you get the C Cup boobs you want.  That would be a nice size to have…as much as I’m envious of girls with big boobs, I don’t think my back could take them!!! haha.

        Good luck with the hormones if you do move on to them.


        Stacey xx

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          Melanie Taylor


          Hi Stacey

          When I told my doctor that I wanted to transition fully, I was referred to a specialist gender reassignment clinic in London. I am still waiting for a date but that’s beside the point.

          When I got the referral, I had a load of blood tests to check all sorts of things, hormone levels being only one of them. It appears that these clinics require this sort of information to assess what levels of female hormones to administer and to asses possible side effects etc.

          If you do decide to go down the transition route, telling your doctor is an important first step. Mine was incredibly supportive. I’m not sure if you could just ask for blood tests to confirm hormone levels without having to explain why.

          I certainly couldn’t go back to my old male life now, it was so full of pain and heartache. I feel far more liberated as a woman.

          Love and hugs from Melanie xx


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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      I can’t speak to having gynecomastia and I’m not aware of any studies making the connection between gynecomastia and being transgender.  The most I’ve ever seen is that is seems to give a head start in growth.  The underlying conditions for it may have some correlation, but that’s just speculation on my part.

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        Hi Cloe

        Thanks for the response.

        Yeah, I don’t know of any studies in to whether there is a connection with gynaecomastia and transgenderism…it would make a great study so I’d be surprised if nobody has done one.  If not, they should.  Sign me up as a guinea pig haha.


        Stacey xx

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