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    Werner Kemp



    Back ,ARMS AND BACK.



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>MICHELLE</p>

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      Ive had best success on legs arms and chest using my braun epilator then using a braun IPL (following the treatment program included) i know they are expensive but it was the best investment I’ve made.

      Regular exfoliation and moisturising epically legs give smooth,soft and shiny skin home made exfoliator with olive oil,sugar or salt and lemon juice or a commercial brand exfoliator with skin peel properties work best.

      On the face i use the electric shaver attachment that came with the braun epilator every day then use Dermablend Professional Cover Creme Full Coverage before doing the makeup very good for hiding any shadow 😉

      It all takes time so i set aside a “beauty” day to do it all

      But how ever I’ve done it (even razors) exfoliating and moisturising is key

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      My favorite “cream” for shaving for both electric and blades is Hair Conditioner. Shaving creams burn and dry my skin.

      I wet the skin first, then apply a thin coat of conditioner, then shave. It leaves my skin smooth and soft.

      I will occassionally use blades on my face, but not on the lip area from nose to neck. It’s just too painful. I almost always use an electric Norelco “wet-or-dry” on my face.

      With HRT, my body shaving is less often and the hair is thinner and grows slower.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Fortunately, I have very little body hair, save for the groin area and a slight amount on my sternum.

      Typically I do shave before doing makeup, with one exception. If I have a 1 day growth and my only activity is a ZOOM call, I will do makeup over the hair. There isn’t enough resolution to see it. I don’t go out without makeup. For a 1 or 2 day beard growth, I will usually use my Braun electric shaver. For anything beyond that will require Edge Aloe Vera shaving creme and my 5 blade Gillette razor that pivots in 2 directions. Sometimes, even with a small growth, I will use the razor if it is early in the morning and I know that I will be away all day.

      I have never done any professional hair removal. At this point, I don’t see the need…

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      I’ve tried many hair/beard removing creams…enough to say most every type. For beard removal they just don’t work, I’ve had skin burns and painful blistering but never a single hair gone. Body hair: Veet, Nair work well enough but the mess and the smell! Hand laser…yet to see any measurable improvement, professional face/neck/lip IPL laser: after four months, marked improvement, though much of my facial hair is blonde…which it can’t remove. However I don’t have a dark shadow. The bottom line for me: 5 blade razor (the kindest and best) and an electric razor, I alternate to give my skin a rest. Body shave every other day. I use moisturiser before I wet shave my face…and that helps a lot with barber’s rash (I have allergy to most soaps/detergents) Waxing for brows…nothing else. My body/face hair is reducing with HRT but still have to shave.

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      Have to say this is one of my biggest conundrums, personally i use electric razor daily, looking at creams to eradicate the growth back over time. Laser is not an option for me financially and waxing is just too painful.

      Hoping it starts to thin out and gradually slows down

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      Terri Anne

      Hi Werner,

      I have had good success using Venus brand shavers for shaving areas of my body that may too tender for waxing- nor impractical, like the face. Although, any very good brand of multi-blade shavers should work very well. Don’t go cheap on shavers.

      In other areas like my arms, fingers, chest, etc. my goto is waxing by a professional. I tried doing it myself with limited sucess.

      Once you get used to the initial pain, it gets much easier and less painful each time. Also, the hairs will become lighter/thinner and much less noticible until the follicles just give up. Of course, if on hormone therapy, that too will lessen your hair growth. Only drawback about waxing, from my point of view, is having to wait for the hair to grow out some between waxings.

      These are just my personal observations and opinions. Do with them what you will.

      Terri Anne

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      Oh i hate the rash/spots i get from shaving or waxing, i have really sensitive skin and would love some solution without laser treatment as im not ‘out’ yet!

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      I have done almost all of it. I shaved first, I did full body waxing for awhile which was expensive and painful. I then got laser hair removal on my full upper body and genital area. This was a game changer! Expensive but I am smooth. I also touch up with a laser IPL I purchased on amazon. I have also used this on my legs, arms and arm pits and have had great results. The hair is much lighter, softer and can be quickly touched up by shaving with any women’s brand razor. I still get my eyebrows, nose and ears waxed.

      I don’t think there is any quick and easy solution. I find the laser though keeps me from getting the ingrown hairs I got when waxing or only shaving.

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