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    Jennifer Scott

    This is my first post and I am curious.
    I have been on HRT now for about ten weeks now. I have been wearing wigs and letting my grow out at the same time. Now this is truly a first world problem, but I am 65, my hair is thinning. I have a receding hairline. I am hoping that a hair stylist will be able to do something with my hair when it is long enough. Hopefully, that will be soon. If nothing can be done I will have the hair cut and stick with wigs. Just wondering if there are other mature women out there who have faced a similar decision and what,if anything, you did about it.Thanks. I am seeking answers as I start this journey.

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      Kate Carter


      Well, close to 9 months now CC, what’s your verdict on the light bright brush? 🙂

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      Heather Harrison


      Thank you Tia. This is something l’ve been dealing with as well. I am thinking about trying this out.


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      Hello Jennifer

      Tia here with what my Busha, (Polish grandmother) taught me.  In all what the girls have previously stated, all is true. I have yet to try the LED devise yet but do not feel I have to with what Busha taught me. This natural remedy with not only grow your hair like a weed with added Biotin and Collagen but my small bald spot is disappearing as well.

      Take 2 tablespoons of Castor oil                                                                                                              1 tablespoon of ORGANIC not pasteurized Honey                                                                                  and 1 room temperature egg.

      Mix and apply. cover head for at least 3 hours and shower / shampoo as you normally d

      I apply it once a week, every Sunday for me and watch what happens.  Talk to ANT beautition and they say Castor oil is awesome for thinning hair.  The Honey conditions the scalp and the egg is the protein that hair needs   Good luck and if you look at my profile pic, my hair is as old as my HRT program 29 months from a shaved head (Lost a bet on Ohio State)   Huggz Tia



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      Meran Berwyck


      I still have all my natural hair.  I’ve never owned any wigs, I’ve always had long hair.  I have not lost any hair due to receding either.  How?  Well, since I was young, I hated to wear hats.  I see a lot of people wearing a hat as a sort of ‘security blanket’, even indoors!  My entire family wears hats and it shows how it has affected their hair, they’re all severely balding!  I also learned that the scalp needs regular massaging to get blood flowing better.  If you wash your hair a lot, use your fingertips to massage the scalp while shampooing.

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      Breanna Leigh


      Hi Jennifer,

      I have used Biotin in all it’s forms, collagen and Rogaine but the best thing I found was a Scalp Massager from Amazon for under $40.00. It massages the scalp to get the blood flowing and it has both red and blue LED’s which strengthen and leave your hair shiney. It takes patience, does not happen over night, so don’t hurry.

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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      At 53 I decided to stop giving myself burr cuts and see what HRT would do in restoring very thin crown.  After 20 months I had not seen much improvement and then a cis friend who had suffered alopecia told me about light therapy she had used as a recommendation from a trichologist.  I could not tell she ever had thin hair.  She loaned me a brush like device lined with red led’s that I use for about 8 minutes every other day.  I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and can say the hair I did have there is now growing.  The vellus hairs are thickening and the scalp went from looking smooth to looking dark and raised up where I would naturally have hair except the widows peak area.  Here’s hoping….

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