Happy Birthday TGH (June 16th)

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      Michelle Lawson

      As best we can tell, our Founder, Vanessa Law, started TGH by becoming the first member, on June 16th. So please take a moment, or a dozen, and add a comment on what TGH has come to mean to you, to tell everyone about something wonderful, or humorous, that has happened to you because of being a member of TGH, and to give Vanessa a bit of thanks for getting this site going for all of us.

      As I see the chats in the chat-rooms, read the Forum posts and articles, see the photos that are posted, and join the online video sessions; I see just how much TGH educates us, brings us joy, and sometimes a few tears of happiness, and builds us as a thriving community.

      For myself, I could write a book on all of this, but this post is for all of you to join in celebrating TGH’s birthday. So sit back, with your birthday snack of choice, and celebrate with us all……

      So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TGH, and thank you Vanessa…….

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      What an exciting time it was when the site was being brought together with the vision of Vanessa and several other esteemed members who made the journey over from CDH.  A lot of thought went into the site and what it was to become.  I’m proud to have served the site in some capacity since its inception and to be here to celebrate with you all.  May we all continue to be blessed in being a part of this little slice of Heaven for our community and watching it thrive and grow.


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      Feliz Cumpleaños TGH! Gracias para Todos!

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      Joanna Keller

      Happy Birthday TGH,

      I can not begin to express my sincere pleasure when I found this wonderful site. From day one I finally found others from around the world who were on a journey that I thought very few were on. In my time being a member of TGH, I have found wonderful friendships, have learned so much and have had the opportunity to
      help others. Vanessa and others that took the time to start this site has done so much for so many and I for one am enterally grateful for your vision of Transgender Heaven . HAPPY HAPPY Birthday and wishing TGH many more years of success.

      PINK HUGS,

      Joanna Keller

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      Happy Birthday TGH! No Vanessa and Transgender Heaven!!

      Thank you for all the hard work in Making this happen for me and the trans community. Vanessa you gave us a home and you created a family. Not just any family, you created thee family wher there’s love and respect and integrity for every trans person, sister or brother from questioning right through to some who has transitioned fully. I certainly had a rocky start here like an engine missing a couple of cylinders but once we found those cylinders TGH became my home from home. Thanks for helping me find my feet and my own happiness. Alone in a New Country wasn’t easy for me but TGH helped me to find my true self and that sense of belonging somewhere and to someone. Vanessa and Cloe you two were my rocks from day one and without your support I would have never made it this far.. May TGH grow stronger and stronger every day and one day when we are not here anymore may TGH be the legacy for those who follows us. To every single member who made TGH a home, thank you for all your hard work and time and efforts put into building the Heavens!!

      Love ya’all and once again Vanessa, congrats and best wishes for the future!

      Love and Hugs.

      Catherin A Vos

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      Dawn J

      Thank you, so much, Vanessa, for creating this website. It has definitely given me a better understanding of myself. And I love the support & camaraderie from the other ladies. It has been often liberating, sometimes inspirational & always comforting. It has helped “recharge” me & has taught me much. This site has encouraged many of us to pursue our happiness as our true selves, & has shown us that we are not alone.

      I’ve been a member for over two years & have found it to be a sisterhood of unity, respect & love. I felt that, immediately, upon joining & that was reinforced when I was made an Ambassador shortly, thereafter. I was honored that it was thought that I could contribute to TGH & help others, in that capacity. I just regret that I don’t currently have more time to devote to it.

      Vanessa, I really haven’t had as much opportunity to communicate & get to know you, as I’d like, but I want you to know that I don’t know where I’d be, right now, if it weren’t for TGH. It’s answered many questions.

      So here’s a virtual toast to the site & to the wonderful lady who had the foresight & compassion to create it. Cheers, Vanessa!

      Best wishes,


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      I fumble on words, so this may not be eloquent.

      I discovered TGH at a time when I really needed a place to fit in; to meet like-minded people; to share our unique journeys.

      I love you all and hope I can give some measure in return for what I get from you all.

      Happy birthday to the site, to the dream, to the community.

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      TGH has allowed me to talk to myself more honestly

      It made all the difference

      Thank you all

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      Happy Birthday, TGH, and blessed thanks to you, Vanessa, for giving us this gift.   TGH has connected me to our community, has offered me friendship, support, love, and more than my fair share of giggles and laughs.   I would not be the woman I am today without you.

      I love you all, and hope only the best for yall, the site, and especially you, Vanessa.

      Peace and love……..Carly

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      Stacy Ann

      Wishing a very happy birthday to TGH and much love to all the people here. Many happy returns!


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      Cynthia S

      Congrats Vanessa on the success of BOTH of your wonderful sites that are the best support sites for the CD/TG community. Could you even have imagined this day back when you first started tour journey decades ago? I don’t get over here as often as CDH as I’m not yet sure how far my journey is leading me in transitioning, but it is wonderful to k ow that when/if things DO go further for me that this site is here to be the bedrock and linchpin of the support network that each of us in the community need to survive and thrive. Can’t wait for the ten and twenty five year anniversaries! Thank you for your unswerving and continuing leadership and for being a true friend. You are an inspiration for thousands

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      Hi Vanessa, thankyou, and congratulations, on your initiative to establish TGH. A lonely road for you at this time in as much as finding people to help you.

      Kindness and concern for others, is one measure of your success. My wife and I thankyou, as without knowing about TGH, and the help it gives, I may never have discovered Jane, and may have deteriorated further.

      God bless you, and TGH.

      Jane and Annie.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Wow, can you imagine it has been a whole year since I made this post. So much has happened to me, to all of you, and the world. Has progress been made? I’m sure it has, to some degree and surely based on the person living that history. Or have we lost ground? Only if we do not learn from our mistakes this past year. But I suspect, being who we are, we did not miss much, and we have grown, and learned, reflected and meditated. We have laughed, and cried. And we have hugged, and been hugged more times than we can remember. But you know what? We are still here. All of us. One more year. And I for one am looking for a very good year coming up. And looking forward to another TGH Happy Birthday in 2023!

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      Vanessa Law

      Thank you everyone for your kind words, last year and this year. It means a lot to me to see how tgh has had a positive impact in your life!

      Thank you for being part of our community ❤️

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        Jan Janet

        The best crafted ‘thank you’ reply ever, vanished just now!
        I went to my clipboard when fumble thumbs disappeared Art. Anyhows, Thank you. This website Resonates! And so do the authors. The team assembled here is Fantastic!
        Thank You, Vanessa

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      Michelle Lawson

      Can you believe it; another year has ticked by, and TGH is another year older. Well, it will be tomorrow. But then again, why should we be surprised; with the TGH community, another year, another birthday, is just a fact of life. So, I raise my virtual champagne glass to you all, and thank to for another great year, and a look forward to a bright next year. Michelle

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