Happy birthday to me!

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    Mallory Barbie

    Hello sisters and brothers!

    today was the day. my second birthday.

    the last month has been a whirlwind of lab tests, consent forms, doctor visits… and scheduling snafus.

    Wednesday was to be the day that I visited with my doctor. I love this doctor they are so way to talk to. So on Monday, something came up and I got rescheduled to later in the day. Then Tuesday happened the day I see my psychologist and just before my appointment the clinic calls to tell me the doctor has had an emergency and can’t see me.

    at first I’m heartbroken. I was so very close…

    but then, she is offering me an appointment with the mid level provider. That day! And it’s right after my psychologist appointment.

    so I can hardly concentrate on my appointment with the psychologist. And we talk about my new birthday, and how I need to make it special and she asks me with a smile, are you ready to give up male privilege? And I answer that I can’t wait to give it away.

    the appointment with the mid level is in short scary. I’m having to explain everything all over again and for a while it sounds as if we aren’t doing this. “Stay calm” I tell myself. And we decide that injections is the best way for me. She submits my prescription to the pharmacy and we scheduled my next appointments:

    But now the frustration begins. Pharmacy A promises to have my prescription ready by 5:30 pm. 5:30… 6:00… 7:00 it goes from received to ready by… then delayed… to out of stock.  Two components are actually cancelled. My sharps container and the needles! Of course this happens just before the pharmacy closes.

    Wednesday still delayed with no estimate of time that I can expect it.

    Thursday. I call around. Turns out another branch of the pharmacy had my estradiol in stock. But they don’t have anything to give it with… fine… give me my estrogen I’ll figure it out. And I find some legitimate needles and syringes sealed and in the package so still sterile.

    I finally get my med. I’m so excited… after being ready to hurt someone all day as I tried to find someone to unlock my meds.

    i’ve just taken my first dose of estrogen. I am happy. Kid on Christmas morning happy. My T was low. So low we are going to see if I even need t blockers. So I’m not taking any yet.

    but I’m finally here. The end of

    pretending to be male and finally starting my life as a woman.

    happy birthday Mallory 🌺❤️

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      Happy Birthday, Mallory.





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      Terri Anne

      Happy Birthday Mallory !

      Terri Anne

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      Just wanted to drop in a wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !



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      Michelle Larsen

      Mallory, yep, that sure sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, all in all. As for the T blockers; I would definitely do it if that is what the doctor has ordered. Remember, they are the professionals. I have never taken T blockers because I had an orchiectomy very soon after starting estradiol. As for your needle and syringe concerns over availability; I have used Vitality Medical and just ordered them online. And I have also been finding issues getting timely refills of my estradiol as well. It may be my pharmacy (CVS); but I have heard others mention issues as well. So, I have been trying to make sure I request a refill well in advance of when my current vial looks to run out. I hope this helps. Hugs, Michelle

      Vitality Medical – https://www.vitalitymedical.com/

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        I was completely expecting the T-Bloockers. In fact, I was thinking it would be a good thing because they can be used in encouraging hair regrowth especially if used in tandem with minoxidil. But since it was down to about 200, she said she didn’t think I needed them. If I don’t notice any changes in 6 weeks, I’m supposed to call in and they’ll add in the blocker.

        my pharmacy was Walgreens, but my insurance offers a mail order option that is really good, so I’ll transfer everything to there just as soon as Walgreens gives everything a proper prescription number. The good thing about being a nurse, is that I have contacts in the medical community. (Pays to be nice to people… they remember that when you need something later.) A few phone calls, and I found some of the larger needles to draw up, and another call netted me a couple of syringes and some 25 gauge needles to administer. (The 25 gauge needles were too long,  but after administering several thousand injections over my career, I can make it work without any trouble)

        thanks for the supplier. I’ll check them out, and the great thing is that my state doesn’t require a prescription to buy these. (Only needed to have insurance pay)


        it was a great birthday. My wife made hamburgers using wagyu beef and we had some cookie dough ice cream to celebrate.
        She asked if she could push the plunger to give the medication, I of course said yes.

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