HAVE YOU EVER ? (been out with a friend and/or friends who are like you ?)

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      I recently spent 2 weeks in Tennessee with a very close and special friend. I created a lot of memories that I will never forget. It was the most fun, heartfelt and exciting 2 weeks of my life. We tried to do something special together each day I was there. I had the most fun shopping, dining out and attending church functions with her that I have ever had. In that 2 weeks I fell in love. She would respond to my constant inquiries of “Why do you love me so much?”, by smiling and saying “because you get me”.

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      I have not, but I want to very much so. But first I need to find others like me locally. Quite the dilemma.


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        A year ago I was asking myself the same questions. My friends on CDH told me to be patient and it would happen. They were right. It did happen. I have no doubt that it will happen for you also.

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      I have never been out with anyone like me, I know that we are scattered all over the United States in the world, because I have seen your articles read your stories. I also have talked to a few online, but I think it would be awesome to meet up with someone to be able to hang out, and to know that we are on the same page, it’s tough here in Michigan to try to meet up .it seems that I found they’re not quite as open as to say the east or west coast I live in a rule area that’s not overly excepting that I’ve come across, so for now, I’ll just have my friends online and maybe one day be able to take a trip, and meet up out there, thank you❤️🌹

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        One day I realized that I didn’t really care what other people thought about me and then I had the most exhilarating and liberating experience in my life. I stepped out and was proud of who I was. I hope that journey Darlene takes you to that same special day.

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      Have not, but wish I could.

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        If I ever find myself near where you live in Arkansas, I would love to go shopping with you.

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      Elli Snow

      I have to say both yes and no.  I lived for 25 years in a community of 250 closely knit people, more than a tenth of which were on the non-cis side of the spectrum.  I don’t know of one person in that town that had an issue with any of us, and there was no one that wouldn’t offer help if needed.

      Unfortunately, because of financial issues, I had to move 1200 miles away from my huge support group, and in the two years I’ve been in Bloomington, I have not met a soul that I could go out and spend and evening listening to music, or dancing, or doing something simple like playing a game of cards and I feel very alone and isolated here.

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        Such a sad turn your journey took you on. I hope that, excuse me, I know that your path will cross the path of a special person who you can enjoy life with again.

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          Elli Snow

          It’s just another part of this long strange trip I’ve been on for the last 70 years.  I’ve never been good at going to bars and meeting people, and never went to high school so I never learned about all that stuff when I was a teen.  My biggest problem with Bloomington is it’s both a cultural and gastronomic wasteland so most of the places I would be interested in going to don’t exist in this part of the country.  I have fairly recently learned about some groups that might be interesting through one of the Pride organizations in the area, but I keep spacing out the days they meet, or I get engaged in a project and forget the time.  I’ll get it together eventually.  I’m normally extremely shy, so meeting new people has never been easy for me.  I just have to remember when the groups I’m interested in get together in time to join them.

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      Now I have been out on the town for a girls night out with friends more times then I can remember, I have been out for a day of shopping and stuff just as many times. It is always a blast, and I never go alone, as I am just a big scaredy cat or I just love to have someone with me. I have also had more friends then I can count want to move past a simple friendship, despite my insistence, that  I am already with someone, and I just want to be friends. I even used to wear a big engagement ring to keep people at bay, btw most do not care. Some friends eventually get it and took on a protector, a friend or a big sister role, others it broke us apart. Do not get me wrong I love all my friends to death and treat them like my favorite sister when we are together. However to answer the question at hand, no, I have not been out with someone like me. I have had people get me, and I get them, I have had the googlely given to me and I have given to them others, but deep down the more I know myself, the more I realize I am unique in the world, and it is ok for someone not to understand me, it is far better for them to share time and love.


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        Such sweet sentiment in your words. I can sense that you are a caring person. I’ve always believed that it’s easy to fall in love and a lifetime mission to stay in love. Thank you for an inspirational reply.

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      Toni Floria

      I wish I could go out with others like me I feel isolated here where I live in central Florida. Maybe one day….

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        I know several girlfriends who live in central Florida. Many of them would do whatever they could to make your dream come true. I sent you a friend request.

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          Toni Floria

          Hey Wendi.  Thanks so much for your response it would be great to meet some like minded girls in my area I live in plant city I’m 69 years  young and transitioning to living as a woman full time takecare and thanks and hugs to you

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      Yes, and had a long relationship with one. I go out with the girls, mostly SIS…I don’t have any male friends?
      I wear a wedding ring and engagement ring all the time, it’s a thing for myself really…a commitment to me. And no men don’t take much notice of rings on fingers, well not with me they haven’t. I know a lot of LGBT people and meet them pretty often, a few are trans women. I’m lucky I guess.

      Alex x

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        Well Alexandria (AKA Alex), we should sit down and have coffee together to discuss this username thing you got going on, (lol) then I would consider myself lucky to meet you. Like you, I too consider myself lucky to be happy about just being me.

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          Haha…I was on here for years as Alex, Wendie, but there are so many Alex’s on social media! So I use my real name Alexandria…but friends still call me Alex…which is fine. Nothing sinister honest lol
          Alex x

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Yes I have, and still do on a regular basis. There is a very social community of Trans and non binary people here where I live. We’re part of a social outreach for trans people that is sponsored by ‘The Transgender Archives’ and ‘Transgender Studies’ at the University of Victoria. There is an organized social event every month at the university and it is announced in a newsletter that is also sent out each month to members of the group. I also go out for coffee and shopping with other sisters. Victoria was listed in the last Canada Census as being the most trans friendly community in the country.
      We recently had an anti trans group of people who came to protest in front of our version of the capital building, they showed up with about 30 people. The counter protest group also showed up – there were over TWO THOUSAND trans and non binary supporters and allies! The anti trans folks were literally overwhelmed.

      Ms. Lauren M

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        Hearing about communities and groups that are friendly and not judgmental towards the LGBT+ population gives me hope that our sisters who find adversity on their journey will find peace.

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      I’m out all the time and to a more than regular event about once a week.  Marg

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        I feel the same excitement as you each and every time I step out. If I had one wish it would be to reach out to all those girls we know who haven’t experienced what we have. To be that helping hand that would bring them all out to the exhilarating and freedom we feel when we go out.

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