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    Anon Emity

    I’m 30 and to put it mildly, I’ve been through hell and back, then back again and came out in peices….several times over. After the worst thing in my life happened that robbed me of everything, literally including my sanity for a time, I’ve been trying to heal and I’ve been stumbling again and again.

    …despite how I’m feeling, I don’t deal in feelings. I deal in logic and evidence and all signs point to me likely being trans….something I didn’t expect to uncover.

    That’s troubling on many levels, but a few include the fact that in my life, I’ve never had what one might call an ego or sense of self. It wasn’t something I felt I was allowed to have, to be honest, so I went through life on autopilot, doing what I thought a man was expected to do. It was fine until I lost it all and I found myself vulnerable….

    The scars are healed up, but remain, and I’m lost in so many directions simultaneously……

    I need someone to talk too…..a stranger I can tell everything too so I can think a little more clearly about who I am and what I’m doing……please, help?

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      Well your honesty is refreshing… I am close to twice your age and am about to become all female. Being born in the 60s has given me quite an insight but Miriya and Cloe are awesome  members as well who will remain unbiased.  which is good Anon, you are in a sanctuary of CD/TS/TGs . But always remember there is no shame in speaking to a professional. I cherish and actually LQQK forward to speaking to both of mine. (You will need 2 to be able to change physically#SRS). Welcome and good luck. 😎

      Huggz Tracee

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      Miriya Paris

      Hello, not sure what to say other then I am a good listener & shoulder at times.




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      CC Webb
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      Welcome to TGH Anon.  Many of us have experienced some of the things you express and we can help from that perspective.  We do not have counselors here and I suspect you may need that as well if you aren’t already.  Either way I’m here to talk with you.

      Hugs, Ambassador Cloe

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      Anon Emity


      Also, if my avatar is that stupid troll face still, please disregard. I’ve got a much more appropo picture going through the moderators right now. The info I used to cover my tracks is from ages ago….

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        CC Webb
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        Anon, I don’t see any photo’s from you that are being moderated.  Also, profiles pics take a different process.  Try again and see what happens.

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