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      Hello will try posting again and how do I upload a picture on here also? I am 63 year old retired male and already posted two other times on here since last nite. I am new to all this. Want to make friends to learn who I really am. Am thinking I could be Transgendered as I feel more like a women than a man. AS an adult in my early 20’s I once made a doll house as I had always wanted one like my sister had whje n she was little. And yes as a little boy I played with her dolls:-) I have fond me memories of that:-) I hope it’s ok to use the smiles. If not let me know I will not use them. I have always liked pretty dresses and outfits and always like seeing other lady’s dressed up. I used to even dress in hand me downs at one time. Anyway thank you for welcoming. Looking forward to getting to knowing everyone: Martin Marsha. Please call me Marsha.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad that you found your way here! It is a good community and many members have been where you are now, so it isn’t something that is foreign to us. We put a lot of effort into making this a safe space for trans people, their significant others and people who are genuinely interested in supporting the trans people in their lives.

      Know that it can be difficult to sort out gender issues and such on our own. Our minds work to protect us from change in our lives as it is stressful and creates anxiety. Many here have found that working with a therapist helps a lot. They will help you keep focused on the things that you need to think about and work to prevent unproductive mental excursions into nevernever land. However one important point is to work with a therapist who is experienced in gender issues as everyone does not have this as a specialty.

      So, a few things to know…

      You mentioned that as a little boy you played with dolls. When you said “boy”, that means that you were Assigned Male At Birth (sometimes abbreviated as AMAB). That said, in the transgender context, you would be considered to be a transgender woman (M to F). If you were Assigned Female At Birth and were a transgender person, you would be a transgender male (F to M).

      The term transgenderED has fallen from usage, even though you may still find it in dictionaries. Dictionaries always follow usage and not the other way around, so it takes a while for changes to show up in print. The implication is that something happened to make one transgender, but that is not the case. Our gender identity and sexual orientation are just a part of us and has been so from Day 1. It is not added on. The reality is that we get to a point where we discover how things really sit for us. It is a realization. Further, if being transgender or gay was something that happened to us, then conversion therapy would work. If it happened, it could reversed. But what we know is that the opposite is true. Conversion therapy does not work. Also, we don’t say gayED or lesbianED.

      I encourage you to complete your Profile page. It helps other members understand your situation and where you are heading. It is always readily available and can be updated at any point if something changes.

      If you would like to search for other members who are nearby, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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      Update I have an understanding Therapist and Doctor and am going to discuss this with my social worker as well.Maybe going back to work part time! Wish me luck!

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Posting Photos:

      At the beginning of each forum section is a blue area denoting Sticky threads. There is an entry for:

      Member HowTo for navigating the TGH website

      There is a slide that describes how to upload photos…

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      Hi Marsha.Β  Welcome to the site.Β  feel free to message me if you ever want to talk.Β  I am somewhat new to the site, myself.Β  I joined a couple of weeks ago.

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      [postquote quote=110615]
      I tried to vote again but couldn’t. I don’t consider myself to be transgender, I’m just a man who loves women’s clothes

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        Hi Marsha just seen your post, I am new hear your story sounds just like mine would you like to be friends for girly chats xx

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          Keep a busy schedule but am open to girly chat I have never worn make up but need to get some shoes and maybe some purple lip stick want a friend of mine to trim my toe nails later for me and get some purple toe nail polish. Mostly im able to dress at night time but only been out in public one time. But enjoy my skirt and dresses! Am going to post some more pictures later have 4 dresses and red wig will post another picture of my fully dressed im not much of a hair stylist though!

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        Posting a pic is a pain in the rump, however as I am the only one who seemed to figure it out here is how you do it.

        The photo will have to be hosted by a third party on the web this can be you at your google photos or something, or another web site that allows the linking. I think you can also up load photos to your profile here then link but never tried it.

        Next copy link, use photo icon above menu, past link, I like to add an constraint on mine. You will also notice not all links and file types work, this is a trial and error thing, but I know Pinterest is generally a no go. But Deviant Art works.

        Hope this helps.



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      Hi Marsha, did you mean to have the votes both “Yes”? If so that’s cute! I would vote maybe. Some crossdressers have intense affetion with things feminine. I have been a life-long (but very sporadic) CD myself. I think about 6-7 years ago something changed in my mind, but I repressed it until about a year ago. I began secretly dressing again and realized through therapy that it is more than just a deire to crossdress. I committed to HRT right after Thanksgiving, and other than my wife of 40 years not being totally onboard, I feel at peace with the decision. I haven’t started on estrogen yet, but I’m sure it will bring the further calm and inner happiness I’ve not had for as long as I can remember.

      If you believe your life will be very unhappy or intolerable living as a man, then you will benefit from pursuing transitioning (it may be just be living full-time as a woman with no further change, it may be a course of HRT, it may be having some feminization procedures to your body, or it could be getting everything done and living “fully” as a transwoman). Only your therapist and medical team can really answer these questions, but as you discuss it with them, be completely open and honest – “I do want this, I don’t want that” so they can give you the optimum care.

      Welcome to the site and I hope you can find the answers you seek!



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      YES…..emphatic form of yes.

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