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    Andi F

    Hi I’m Andi. I’ve moved over from crossdresser heaven as I’ve admitted to myself and now my wife that I’m gender fluid. I have always dressed up in women’s clothes since I was a teenager but always in private and always believing it to be a sexual thing. As I’ve got older I’ve realised that needing to be feminine is a part of me. I’ve tried to repress these feelings for the sake of my marriage which has caused depression and distance in my relationship. However, for some time now I’ve been obsessing over who I am to the point that I found it hard to think of anything else. After coming out to myself and my wife (unplanned) I’ve settled and I am trying to explore openly this part of me. My wife does not want to know what I am doing and it is hard to speak with her, I think her knowing that I’ve dressed up in public would cause her difficulties. At some point I need to make a choice how my life will go, in the meantime baby steps and seeing how much make up I can wear at work before anyone notices is the way forward, x

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     Miriya Paris 


    Hello Andi,  I am or at least try to be positive and give advice based on my own experience.  I for sure do not know your situation 100% only you know.  But I am worried you are playing with fire.  You married your wife for better or worse, as she did.  As we here are all  gifted/blessed/cursed with the knowledge of both genders a beg of you to try and see it from your wife’s angle.  She is scared, more then likely smart and read on the topic herself or hiding in a hole.  Being transgender is not a road for the lite hearted it will hurt you right down to your core.  If you can try and have someone you love and loves you there to pick your pieces. Your wife is perfectly placed for this, but she is also perfectly placed to crush you.  I am not saying explode all at once on her and scare her even more.  More then likely if you can seek outside help (ie sympathetic marriage counselor), even better use your womanly whiles and make her think it is her idea. Use baby steps, and leading, never push it will not work.  If you want ask and we will try and help.






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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    Hi Andi!  We’re glad to have you join us here and of course CDH is still open to you as well.  Baby steps in deed.  You certainly do have a lot to consider in making that choice and giving yourself the space to breathe at each step is essential.  Enjoy the journey!

    Hugs, Ambassador Cloe

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