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      Hi to all of you.

      I’m Cindi,  my Wife (Alice) and I live West of Portland, Oregon.

      I am enjoying the best time in my life. We have been together as a couple for 40 years and are coming up on our 28th wedding anniversary.

      At the 2017 Esprit Conference in Port Angeles we renewed our Wedding Vows and she took me for her Wife this time. The Joy of the that celebration can’t be put into words.

      My transition started in 2011, in 2016 (at age 60) I starting living every day as my true and authentic self, in 2017 I completed my name and gender marker changes.

      My wife is an Electrologist, about 95% of her clients are Transgender and the rest are women that have excess hair issues (typically from Hormone issues [e.g PCOS] or as a side effect of Cancer treatments). She is an advocate for Transgender Health and is an active member of the Trans Health Coalition in Oregon.

      I retired out of High-Tech in 2016 (my specialty was enabling Hardware and Software meet and play together very well) and now split my time between helping the Trans community, having fun socializing with friends (new and old), trying to keep up with the property and puttering around my workshop.

      I am part of the Esprit Conference planning Committee representing the NWGA (North West Gender Alliance). My spouse and I are a “Mentor Couple” up at Esprit and for local couples (we are just someone to talk with as a couple that successfully navigated transition,  not professionals). I am working with the DOJ folks in Seattle (as a volunteer) to bring Transgender training to local law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Southern Washington.

      About me:

      I was a “Maker” back before that term existed (was a Do It Yourself or JOAT). I now use the term Jill of Many Talents when I can.  I was a Geek before that term was popular. I can write complex software, create  hardware devices as well as  design, machine, weld, and bend metal. Watch out if I decide to build a robot!

      I am an information sponge. When I am interest in something I dig in and learn about it.

      I’m a Big and Tall Women, so I do stand out compared to typical CIS women. (I can’t even hide if I was standing with a Women’s Basket ball team.)  Although I still struggle with occasional bouts of self-consciousness, my best solution is to dress for my comfort and enjoyment. Dressing down for a hardware store run is more difficult than Dressing up for a night on the Town.

      I found out that I have wonderful friends, all of them have accepted me and are happy that I’m living authentically (most have said that they like this version of me better).

      Meeting people who knew me before transition is has not been an issue for my for the since I went full time. I just smile as I introduce myself and lead with the statement “Hi ____, I’ve had a few upgrades since you last saw me and I am now living the happiest time in my life”.

      For my geek friends I also say something like “I’m simply a Superset of who you knew before. For non-geeks I say something like, now you can see the complete person I am instead of the small piece I used to let people know.


      Maker of Small Troubles and Giver of Good Hugs.

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      Hello Cindi,

      Your story sounds awesome! It feels so good to live as who you truly are!

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      Hi Marsha,

      Thank you. I feel very fortunate for where I am in my life.

      I occasionally do the “What if I had done all this sooner” game, but I try not to dwell on my past choices, I just try to own them. Thankfully I am still among the living. I don’t know why I had so much fear or why I assumed that I would be rejected by my friends.

      I made a choice 40 years ago to be 100% honest with the young lady that felt so very special to me.  That choice scared me like nothing else ever has, on the third date I told Alice that I thought I was a Crossdresser.  I had assumed that she would dump me like a pile of stinky poo, and was shocked when she didn’t. I have continued to be 100% honest with her and shared all my feelings and fears throughout my transition.

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      Thank you for being you and contributing to the community.  I’ve done the hardware and software side of things too, but never really found that niche where they join.  My latest project called Cloe has been much more satisfying and just as tumultuous as any I’ve ever participated in (upgrading an enterprise system as I write this, LOL)



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      Howdy Cindi!  Very pleased to know you a bit. I really liked you story……you are so lucky to have such a good partner. I am not a maker of troubles per se, but a Horsegirl who s-it disturbs big time when I see injustice and things that are just plain wrong. The Canadian Government cringes when they see me storming in. One day, I am sure, they will try to make me history but I feel that if the Viet Cong/NVA couldn’t get me….the GVT won’t! I admire you two for all the work you do for us girls/guys…..bless you both. I look forward to hearing more from you. Ever in your debt……Hugs….

      Dame Veronica

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