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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi all,</p>
    I’m Brittany Ryan at least that’s who I truly am.  Although I did dress in my mom lingerie when I was young I always thought it was a phase. During my teen years it would come back and then my stepbrother asked me if I would give him oral sex. He nor anyone else had ever known that what I did. I did what he asked not because he pressured me. Because I wanted to and it became an on going thing until he became interested in a real girl. I felt like I just got dumped. All the time telling myself I wasn’t gay and trying to be straight and feeling ashamed. I was able to block out all my tendencies for a few years until I started using meth in 11th grade. That’s when I started stealing women’s clothes from my Mom and other places. When I used meth I would at first just shave my legs, dress up and masterbate. Then I found out there was a guy in my apartments who was gay and liked me.  I went to his house and had sex with him for a few months until he moved. And everytime after I would feel ashamed and suppressed myself even more. I eventually got a girl pregnant and wasn’t going to not be there for my son.  Seeing as mine wasn’t there much for me. So for about 14-15 years I was married with kids. I had told my wife a couple of times I wanted to bring in another man to have sex with her. In reality I wanted him to have sex with me. I just didn’t know it yet. I was still trying to deny it. After my divorce I tried being straight but I now have given up trying to suppress who I really want to be. I do have adult children and I’m worried about how they will react. So for now I’m working more on the inside of me. Like accepting who I really am and I have started talking to a therapist who specializes in LGBTQ issues and gender dysphoria. So that’s a little of my story so far. Thank you for reading and please if you have any tips I would love that.

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      Nikki McGuirk


      Hi, Brittany! Welcome aboard! I know that it can be incredibly hard to put to words these thoughts, experiences, the confusion, and even the pain, that we go through. Thank you for sharing, and confiding, with us.



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      Christina Miller

      Welcome Brittany! Thank you for sharing your story. It is very interesting and you have been through a lot. Nice to meet you!

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      Welcome, Brittany.

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      Thank you I look forward to chatting with new friends and learning more about how to be more feminine.

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      Alesha Smith


      Hi Brittany, Welcome, I’m glad to meet you



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