Hello I’m looking for someone to talk to about MtoF


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    christopher molash

    I wanna become a female but I need someone to talk to about this.  But not sure who to talk to . No one in my family knows this is what I have been wanting.

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      Hi , being and feeling a woman and female is not a whim , my natural want and desire to be goes back to 1963 at about 5 years old – I never felt gay – but sure wanted the damn body to enjoy my life , just wanted to be a normal girl but I couldn’t have it like today 2021 – female is the default gender and times have changed incredibly where it’s becoming a normal thing in society – a long ways to go but in 2018 , 60 years old ,while in a gay rehab the only place to put me and I wasn’t used to being around anything LGBTQ of the sort and changed all of my documents and started hormones although I cheated and took plant estrogens for 25 years off and on and ended up with a natural D cup hidden under baggy work clothes  ( the most important , the Holy Grail my Birth Certificate ) the old one shredded never to be seen again Yaaa ! – Sold my house January 2019 and off to the Kamol Hospital twice that year SRS-2 / BA / Hair line / lipo  , did the deed with No hugs , my decision by my self , that’s how bad my dysphoria was  ( I think I got a couple of Good Lucks ) from the gay rehab I was in  that’s all I got – there’s more like bad voice surgery in 2020 in Spain including Rochester New York to deal with a stupid 1 st surgeon and then  a second time attempt, still not good though the second time around – lucky my SRS turned out nice but you sure as hell don’t walk into a Wendy’s with your pants down saying ” look what I have ” Ha ! I look definitely female and get called ” Mam ” at Home Depot and Walmart anyways – I have No fear now – at first presenting female can be daunting as a person needs time ( years ) going through a second puberty and I’ll soon be 3 years with no regrets – you need a letter from a modern psychologist , not some old 80 year old fart  set in his/her way socially with like Sigmund Freud thinking it was all caused by bad toilet training – then a name change first so the Birth Certificate can be done afterwards and during this time the name change will still show ” Male ” until you get the ” HOLY GRAIL ” document showing the nice ( F ) or it may be printed ( FEMALE ) – then all ( HELL ) will break loose and you will have a new freedom legally as a WOMAN , No one can take it away from you  , makes getting a Passport to travel and surgery pretty much a breeze after – it’s a long haul in reality and can’t be rushed – I pushed on my own to be me and took No prisoners – you’ll know in your soul if it’s right and I’m much happier despite all the crap I’ve gone through since 5 years old and it toughened me up like Johnny Cashes ( A Boy Named Sue ) – XO – from an old Trans woman –  Krystal

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Working with a therapist has a very particular purpose. It helps to crystalize ones thinking so that there is certainty that moving forward with transition is what needs to happen. Depending upon where you are, having a therapist sign off on your plan may be needed. The idea is not to change your gender identity (which you can’t), but rather to understand your complete self.

      However, it is very important to find a therapist who is experienced with gender issues. There are many good therapists, but not every therapist has this interest and experience.

      As far as finding a therapist goes, a couple of ways come to mind. I know Las Vegas has an LGBT Center. I’ve been there! They may have mental health services available or can help you find someone. The other way is to go to the web site for Psychology Today magazine. They have a searchable database of therapists from all over the US and many places around the world. It includes information about their specialties. There are other ways to find a therapist, but these would be my starting points.

      So, please complete your Profile page. It is more important than most people think as you can document your journey, how things are going, where you struggle, etc. Eventually all threads will sink to the bottom of the pile as new threads are added. However, your Profile page is always readily available and can be updated at any point when something changes.

      Also, if you would like to search for other members in your area, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

      Glad you found us!

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        Hello and ty so much for all that info . It’s very helpful and in very grateful for all the info . It really dose help me out . I am seeking a therapist . So we will see where this goes .

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          DeeAnn Hopings


          To expound a bit on what therapists do…

          The human brain obviously does all sorts of things. One of the most important things that it does is think and act in ways to protect our bodies, reduce our stress levels, etc. Ever notice when we have a difficult decision to make, it isn’t unusual to be easily distracted? It is our mind’s way of attempting to lower our stress level by avoidance. Thinking about how the concept of gender applies to us and considering the possibility that our thoughts about our gender may not be in alignment with our bodies is very stressful to think about. It may lead us to delay thinking about this or skipping over considering important elements. What a therapist will do is work to understand you as a person and help maintain focus on what you need to think about. No one will force you to do something or think in a certain way. Basically it is about unlocking our own thought processes, figuring out what we need to do, understanding the subtleties of our decisions and becoming comfortable with them…

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      I’m 33 but it’s something I have wanted for a very long time and I have not told anyone for years.  But I am not living my life . I’m not who I want to be . Do I make sense ?

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      Christopher, don’t know how old you are but your going to be told you need to talk to a therapist. He/She will ask you a lot of questions to see if you are truly a candidate for what you want to do. If you are then you’ll need to go to a endocrinologist or a doctor who specializes with transgenders or whatever your diagnosis is. If you are under 18 I believe your parents are to know.

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