Hello, I'm Rue and I am new. And that rhymes!

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    Rüe Ariás

    I am new here.  Private CD/47/Blonde/Blue/Libra/Living in WA for a little over a year.  Started crossdressing when my wife and kids went out of town on a trip(probably 5 years ago).  Only do it when I get the house to myself though I’d like to branch out.  I’m not sure how my wife is going to take the news IF I come out as a CD.  She wasn’t happy when I mentioned that I may be gay and I have figured out since then that I am not 100% gay, but attracted to anyone though I’m not exploring that.  Working on who I am with a therapist including talking about exploring my feminine side more and the possibility that I may need to transition.  I have thoughts and dreams and have always felt like I was a lesbian alternative chic on the inside and have always kept that to myself.  A new chapter of my life is being written.  Just need to add the right words and to be my true self.

    Hello all you beautiful people!!


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     Erica Sparkles 


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Rue,</p>
    So glad you found us here, hope to know you better in the coming days.



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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 

    Hi Rue and welcome to TGH!  I read you little intro and I think that “slow and easy” is the way to go with the Mrs.. Children are going to be the problem, depending upon their ages. The Mrs. will more than likely object very strongly to exposing them to your changes. Anyway…..all of our girls are here, don’t be shy about chatting with them. A lot of us have gone thru this issue and advice/suggestions are available. Feel free to contact me anytime you wish…..I can help advise you in negotiating mine-fields LOL.

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    Hi Rue,

    I’m sure you’ve heard to take baby steps with your wife  If you do come ut to her and she’s not as accepting as you hope the adage to follow is “you move as slow as you can while she moves as fast as she can”.  It’s difficult, but does work.

    As fart as sexuality is concerned everyone has their preference or in your case preferences and in many cases it doesn’t completely align with whom we want as a life partner.  This is just another dimension in the human experience.

    I hope all the best for you.  Hugs, Cloe

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    Hello Rue I am glad that you are part of our ggroup, I have had the same thoughts as your female side I dress in private as well and going out more full time I will be starting hormones soon as possible, have a great time and let’s talk about it sometime.  Love hugs and a kiss for you

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     Cami Jansen 


    Hello and welcome new Rue to TGH.

    Many here have similar stories and I’m sure you will find a lot of support and make many  friends.

    You’ve made one now 🙂

    Great to have you here, You can usually find me in chat most day, Pop in and say hi.

    Hugs Cami.

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