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    Hello, everyone.  I’m not entirely new to TGH.  I have created and deleted two profiles (maybe more) previously.  I have been a crossdresser for many years.  During that time, I made many attempts at quitting.  All were only temporarily successful.  Also, during my years of crossdressing, I did all I could to keep all things feminine separate from my masculine side.  I kept telling myself that Stephanie was just a character I played now and then as an escape from the real world, as if my crossdressing was some kind of strange hobby.  A recent experience getting a professional makeover has opened my eyes to the reality that I am Stephanie.  I guess that makes me transgender.  I don’t know how far I will go being Stephanie.  I have a lot to learn and consider before I can make a decision.  I hope that the friendship, help and support from you wonderful people here at TGH will help me make what could be the most difficult and important decisions of my life.

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      Stephanie Kennedy


      Hi Stephanie i guess welcome back is in order. I have spent most of my life quitting as you call it. Just what are we quitting? Me i was quitting trying to see my self my true self. When i got close I rejected and denied my self.i did not want to believe i was a woman who just wanted out. I came to a point in my life i was just tired of fighting and rejecting and denying . I do not understand today what happened to us. Why we were born with a body that did not match our brain. We all tried to quit. What is it we were trying to quit? Just trying to express ourselves with clothing and make up. There is more to any woman including us than clothing and make up. You do not have to rush and make any decisions now or ever. Just take your time and stop fighting yourself. One of the many good decisions i have made is finding the right therapist. Just be honest with him or her. Second was joining a community like TGH and CDH and get involved. Acceptance was huge for me. That was achieved by therapy mostly. Good luck Stephanie You are not alone Luv Stephanie

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