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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello mark here. I am new to crossdressing, i know i am no were near ready to go out in public yet. But maybe someday.</p>

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      Hi Mark

      Everyone has to start somewhere! I’m NOT new to crossdressing, having been doing it now for *mumbles something completely inaudible*. I dress full time at home, and have been out in 50:50 mode (which is dressed in women’s clothes but not so anyone would notice … think jeans, a t-shirt, a loose linen shirt and sandals, plus whatever’s underneath) but still haven’t been out fully en femme. In my case though, that’s imminent.

      Anyway … welcome to TGH! You might consider looking the sister site, Crossdresser Heaven, as well. Lots of us here seem to be members of both 🙂


      Ellie x

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        Yep, try the add on a girls item for some flare. Stone bracelets are in for guys and can be a bit more feminine, same with necklaces. Ear rings for sure. I think I wore girls Birkenstocks for years and years in guy mode and still wear them as I simply love them. In fact I always complement/ed the girls when I saw they wore/ware the same as me.



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      DeeAnn Hopings


      As you spend time on TransgenderHeaven (TGH) and CrossdresserHeaven (CDH), you will notice some particular differences.

      By my estimation, the sites split out like this:

      CDH – The members are those who were assigned male at birth, but like to dress in women’s clothing and present as female. When not dressed, they typically assume traditional male roles and tend to be heterosexual and their gender identity is cis gender male. There is discussion aimed at clothing, makeup, going out in public when presenting as female, etc.

      TGH – The members tend to be those who are questioning their gender identity or those who have essentially figured it out and are contemplating taking steps towards transitioning or have already started. There are specific sections on the physical, emotional and social aspects of transition. There is also a section dealing with how to come out. There is a makeup section, but there is no section dealing with clothing and fashion.

      While the sites are not interchangeable, there is a fair amount of overlap and some are members of both sites.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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