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    Anthony James
    Managing Ambassador

    My name is Anthony, but I am also Transgender Heaven’s very own Managing Ambassador Jasmine Marie.

    I keep telling myself that this is a crazy concept but here I am. Jasmine really doesn’t have the issues that I do. I am the one who is transitioning, I am the one that has the Gender dysphoria. I am the one who needs this help. If you are getting the picture now, understand Jasmine is who I would be in a time or a different reality. She is a functionally aspect of my life created at Crossdresser Heaven and has grown as a social butterfly. Anthony, here this minute, if I where to take all that away, would be friendless, untrusting, and isolated. Even worse I wouldn’t have much to live for, I may have begged my wife to stay, I would have never let myself be out. For those who still hide yourself in a prison of walls with now way out. Believe me, those walls can crumble down. That is the goal here, well at least those are mine as Anthony.

    I have put a lot of thought into why do I live a dual life, when I it finally dawned on me. I don’t live a dual life, I live a tri-life, two masks and me. That’s what I was missing. I have a male persona that is a husband, son, brother and a great man. Really, I am a good man, if I didn’t these gender issues, I would love to have been who I am as him. But this feeling of not being a whole person never goes a way. My female persona, Jasmine, what can I say about her, completely not who I was as a male. Ill put it this way, cause I am taking this moment as Anthony, she is everything I can be. I mean when I aint bringing her down, she is confident, she can lead, she is everything I want to be.  Weird, the tables have turned for me, I use to be the dominate male persona that hid the female persona, and now I am a dominate female persona hiding a male persona, and I hope TGH help you turn your own tables.

    Well I got my intro out, I am a member named Anthony, and As Anthony I will be looking for a help to someday be happy being my self, which ever way life takes me, I will someday be happy.

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     Tami C 


    Thank you for the intro Anthony.

    Like sooo many here, I am also familiar with the anguish of being the “perfect” guy on the outside and keeping a beautiful, charming, capable woman caged up on the inside.

    If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

    Love to you


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