Hey anyone out there, i hope ur doin fine!


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      im azula.

      im new to dis.

      i dont rrly know how dis works, but i finally mustered up the courage to register.

      i would rrly love to find anyone who is similar to me to exchange knowledge and gossip.

      i think that would be so super nice.

      any tips on how to find this/these ppl on here is VERY VERY welcome.

      idk how dis works, but id appreciate any help!


      thx so much!!!!!!<3


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      Hey Azula

      Well – you’ve made that important first step, so welcome to TGH!

      I don’t think there’s any secret to how all this works πŸ™‚

      For the moment, sit back and wait for people (like me) to say hi.

      Another thing you might try is to click on the ‘Social’ tab on the header bar and then on ‘Member Directory’ in the drop down menu. If you then select Netherlands in the ‘Country’ field you’ll see that there are 165 members. You can refine the search further to find out if any of them are near you.

      Good luck!

      Ellie x

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        thx so much<3

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          You’re welcome!

          Also … I love the banner on your profile page πŸ™‚

          Ellie x

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            ty so much <3!!! its one of my art pieces, its a great outlet to cope

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            *Laughs* I’m an artist too – oil paintings and book illustration – so I know exactly what you mean.

            When it all gets too much I know I can escape into the canvas for a while.

            Ellie x

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            can i maybe text u privately about some issues? you are so nice and i love that u do art aswell. dont worry i will not bombard or annoy u with countless things, just would love to have a short chat, and i thought id rather ask u first:) . thx<3

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            Hi Azula

            I’ve accepted your friendship request and sent you a private message πŸ™‚

            Ellie x

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      Hello Azula,

      Welcome to our TransGender Heaven (TGH) site: A Transgender Support Site. We are a wonderful, accepting, loving, helpful community where you can be safe and be yourself.

      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.
      Glad you are here. Looking forward to seeing you on the site.
      Terri Anne, Ambassador

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