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    Alison Rankin

    Hi ya all.

    I’m Alison recently self confirmed as a lesbian woman trapped in a man’s body. Currently treatment for the unfortunate position of looking like a man isn’t happening, hopefully soon : ) .

    I came out to everyone recently, been totes crazy. But I’m me and I’ve dug my fantasy 6″ heels in, accept Alison or you know, “go away. ”

    Got my name fixed up recently, best day of my life to be honest.

    I was a stoner, alcoholic, gambler and syruphead. Its how I escaped the constant pain I didn’t understand. I understand now and it’s all over, double clock me with the way I move and my hair and I’m going to have a great day : ) .

    My brother has disowned me for various reasons. I did not treat his wife with any respect one night due to excessive drunkenness and a need for “things” of my own……… I understand this now not at the time, but I will never really forgive myself. I’ve hated women so much over my life, I get why now but it’s still no excuse. All this came out recently and it has clipped my angel wings but I know I deserve so much worse, I was a terrible person. And everyone has to do what they have to do and that’s that. I will love everyone but me at all times, It’s the best I can do now.

    Anyway I hope I am welcome here, I’m never going to keep secrets or hide from the world again and I truly want to make the world a better place for everyone. In my mind I’m a defrosting angel, but in the end that’s not for me to decide. The world will judge me.

    Love your wannabe angel Alison.

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     Danielle Fox 


    Hi Alison,

    THE epiphany that we all have is a boon and a bane. The euphoria of finally figuring out who you are is only surpassed by the pain of hiding behind a mask for so long and the possible ill treatment of loved ones and their families. The biggest challenge is what you have done. To throw off the yoke or burden of something which causes you to lose yourself and hide. When you see who you are and what you’ve done making amends is possible but only if the offended respect what you were going through and only time may bring them around.

    I applaud you for seeing who you are and for leaving behind the drugs, alcohol and other detriments to your health. Find your inner beauty and reflect that outward and others will see you for who you are. My past year has been up and down but with counseling life has gotten so much better than I could have hoped for. You have many decisions to make in your future and the two best defenses against losing your way are information and counseling, this is my opinion and I am not a professional therapist. You are most welcome here and many of us have been through the pain, self hate, alcohol and many being disowned too. It is not easy and it may not become easier but I sense you have a strength inside which will do you well in the coming months and years. If you need to talk or a shoulder to cry on I am here, PM me. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗



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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
    Managing Ambassador


    Welcome to TGH Alison!  I certainly hope to hear more of your amazing transformation into the beautiful angel you know is inside.

    Hugs, Ambassador Cloe

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     Angela Tepesch 


    It is an awakening moment when we realize why we are the way we are. I have a similar story or being an alcoholic and an overall asshole to almost everyone. When I finally excepted who I was I realized the front I was putting up need to just stop. When we learn to except ourselves it makes excepting others easier. Thanks for sharing your story. The love and acceptance you will receive here is more than worth the bearing of ones soul.

    W/ love


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     Miriya Paris 


    Hello Alison and welcome to the site. Your story is of course sad and uplifting all at the same time.  We all have dealt with being who we are in different ways, some as you have done rebelled and found other outlets for inner turmoil, some have gone super manly or feminine in attempt to hide or stamp it out, some have become reclusive’s hiding from them selfs and the world and list goes on and on. You remind me of the Chinese General who after sending many soldiers to their deaths in battle and committed many war crimes.  Thought his soul was done for, until he became a devoted Buddhist who spent the rest of his days helping people. Your road won’t be easy as you know what inner demons your carry,  we all have them btw.  And my hat is off to you for turning around and helping even if the beginning was not so pleasant.





    PS. Angels cry too, we are here for you when you need that too.

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